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  1. Why have a dog you have to chain with that size change . I have a Blue Razed female pit l(87 lbs) and an American Pitt mix(male 94lbs). They play with a rope and dual trampoline springs. I have never had either on a chain. My female stays in the neighboring yard with my folks, in the bed. My male stays with me next door. The property is fenced so they can come to both houses. I had to fence them in so put in electric gates in the drives. Beautiful dog, but lose the chain. If he has to be confined use a smaller chain. I feel for your dog, and you are the reason pit-bulls have such bad reputations, shame on you.

  2. Ok for the on educated people do you realize how strong these dogs are do you think a small chain is gonna hold this dog maybe the dog has separation problems maybe the owner Tied him when he goes to work or the house to prevent his house from being destroyed you know some dogs do have separation separation anxiety

  3. People who talk down upon pittbulls and throw more dirt on their name have obviously never owned one!! It’s so funny how many people go buy a pittbulls reputation ! It’s pretty much saying your a follower and don’t know how a pittbull really is for yourself you go by hearsay or the bullshit someone says about one !! I have one of the most sweetest loving pittbulls anyone could ever meet. Me sister has 3 little girls. A 6 year old a 4 year old and a 6 month old and my pittbull loves those kids an would never do anything wrong. When you have those scardy cats who see someone walking their Pitt and take off running ! UHM hello if my dog was so vicious why would I be walking it ! People are morons ! Poodles and chihuahuas are bigger dicks them pittbulls people go by a reputation and some bullshitt it’s all how you raise your dog. Anyone could raise any kind of breed of dog and make it mean so instead of talking shit find out for yourself #pittbulllover #dontbullymybreed #onlypussyshatepitts #bullysforlife #bulltnation

  4. I agree look at the size of that dog. I have a pitbull terrier who only weights 48lbs to my 157lbs, and she is VERY strong. She almost pulled me down one day while I wasn’t paying attention, she took off after a dragonfly and I almost lost my balance. Lol. I can totally understand why a dog of that size is on a chain that large. Some people choose to put large chains on their pits to build their muscle…which is probably what was done with this dog. By the looks of it’s build.

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