A Response to Your Vote is Your Voice (on the Smiley and West show)


I had a chance to speak my opinion on The Smiley and West Show, then I commented on the post afterwords, you can click the link above to hear it and this is what I wrote in the comments section.

Thanks for the comments.

As the segment for the show had time restraints I wasn’t able to fully explain my position on the Your Vote is Your Voice statement that Tavis put on Facebook.

To better clear it up, I’m not an advocate for not voting. I understand that voting is an intricate part of America, but it is a choice, not a mandate. If you choose to vote then cool but if you choose not to vote, then cool, it’s your choice.

As for Your Vote is Your Voice, I equate it to saying No Vote = No Voice, or if you don’t vote shut up, which Tavis said he believed was accurate, and that if you don’t vote keep your mouth shut. We did agree that people who have been imprisoned and cant vote in some states was wrong and that something should be done about it but as for regular people, just shut up.

This is where my problem lies.

As a product of Generation X, growing up in a predominantly Black neighborhood I have seen first hand how voting has done nothing for these neighborhoods. People vote, neighborhood remains the same, schools get worst, crime doesn’t stop, repeat every couple years. It’s cyclical and every couple years we have politicians that re-promise their constituents the world but never deliver. Continue reading

I’m Just Trying To Survive

Word, is that what you’re doing? Trying to survive! Trying to make it in this cruel cruel world.

I’ve heard this crap so much spewing from the mouths of the very people that are making it harder for regular job having people to survive that I decided to dedicate a few words to it on this blog. It’s part of Philosophical Street Chronic, but this is just a quick post to get it out of my system.

I understand it when a guy says this and they are working at McDonald’s or some other minimum wage paying job, but when some drug dealer, stick up man, or overall un-law abiding citizen has the nerve to say it, it really makes me go WTF!

Are you kidding me, that’s what you’re trying to do, you must be talking about the fact that you can be killed at any minute on these streets, but everybody that lives in the neighborhood that you have helped turn into a war zone can be shot dead at any minute and they don’t have anything to do with the bad elements in their community.

Let’s be serious here, you’re trying to beat the system. Fuck working for the man, getting paid minimum wage, when I can get this paper on the streets. I understand, it’s more alluring, you can make $1000’s a week as opposed to $100’s, just by selling this product on your block. If you don’t do it somebody else will, I know, that’s what made me dabble for a minute, so might as well get money, right.

Well at the end of the day, you’re not trying to survive, you’re trying to get over. The dude working at McDonald’s, and working a second job just to make ends meet, is trying to survive. You sir are a victimizer of your circumstances, not a victim!

Well at least that’s what BW Writes!


No, I Don’t Have To Accept You As You Are!

I hear this saying being thrown around all the time, the “my significant other needs to accept me, flaws and all” statement that so many women, and a few men, use to describe the fact that they have baggage and myriads of problems when going into a new relationship. I’ve heard it so much that I just had to write something about it.

Since I’m a man, my questions go out to the ladies. Why do you think a man should accept your flaws, especially a new man? What is it about your flaws that are so special that they need to be a part of the over all package? Are your flaws there to stay?

These are but a few questions that you need to ask yourself when venturing into a new relationship and if you cant answer these questions with impunity, then you will always find yourself in a relationship going bad, or no relationship at all.

As a matter of fact ask yourself this question, why should someone who is just meeting you accept the fact that you’re more than likely one of the following: an asshole, overbearing, too needy, etc.?

Really, if you met a man and a few months into the relationship you found out that he was a deadbeat dad, had no job and was a womanizer, should you accept those flaws, or should you suggest that he work on his flaws and try to become a better person?

Anyone who wants a relationship to grow should know that flaws are things that destroy relationships. When one party doesn’t want to change who they are for the betterment of the relationship all kinds of problems occur. And if you know you have flaws and are not willing to work on them, then you are an asshole, period.

And if you believe that someone is supposed to accept the fact that you’re an asshole and love you anyway, especially when they are just meeting you then you’re a bigger asshole than you think.

So in a nutshell, flaws are meant to be worked on and eradicated, and if you believe that your significant other has to accept those flaws before they become your significant other, then I’m sorry to report that you wont have a significant other for long, he’ll be your booty call specialist, you know the guy who only calls you when he’s horny in the middle of the night. If you’re okay with being the other woman or a booty call then defend your flaws tooth and nail and wonder why no one wants to make you their wife.

Well that’s at least what BW Writes!