Jay Z, The Illuminati and a Bunch of Idiots

I’m sitting in the room and my wife is talking about Jay Z and Beyonce’s brand new baby daughter whose name is being reported as Blue Ivy or Ivy Blue when she runs across a post online saying that the babies name is an acronym for something that has to do with The Illuminati.

Yeah, I know, stupid as hell right, and if you don’t think that it is stupid as hell then guess what, you’re stupid as hell. Although I knew that whoever wrote it had to be joking, or they better had been joking, it still pissed me off a bit that people still have the audacity to mention Hip Hop and R & B stars as card carrying members of The Illuminati. These people have to be ignorant at best or idiots at worst. Jay Z in the Illuminati is like saying Martin Luther King Jr could have been the grand wizard of the KKK.

What really causes my stomach to churn is that I see this non-sense being written about all over the Internet by idiotic neophyte bloggers who really don’t know or seem to not want to know what The Illuminati is. These people won’t even do any real research; they just write stuff to get people to read their blogs even if it’s not true.

So for the “I don’t want to do any research, I’ll believe whatever someone writes crowd”, in the briefest way possible, The Illuminati is a group of men who control the world from behind the scenes. That’s the simplest way to put it, and where in that definition would you add a 40 something year old Black man who just got rich 15 years ago. So, do you really believe that Jay Z could be a member of an organization that spans all the continents and 1000’s of years under different names. Continue reading