Why Gun Buyback Progams Should Be Stopped, Now!

DN15-GUNS-DCAfter reading an article on RT.com about a gun buyback program in New Jersey that netted 2600 guns, of which 700 were illegal, I decided to write a little something about this progam.

Is it just me or does anyone else think that these gun buyback programs a bad policy?

I get it, to an extent, but the problem with the program is that when they buy these guns back, they are doing it with an anonymous tag attached, and most of the police departments donn’t even check the ballistics to see if they have been used in a crime before they melt them down. All these programs allow gun owners to hand over weapons and they don’t even ask who these people are, they just give them a check for the gun, and they go on their merry way.

It’s all done under the guise of getting as many guns off the streets to help keep communities safe. Kudos to law enforcement, kudos to those who want to keep their neighborhood safe, yeah thanks for helping people.

But in reality all that is happening is that people are turning in old broken guns and guns that have crimes attached to them. Criminals can take a gun with murders and temp murders on it and turn it in for cash without ever telling the police who they are and where they got the gun from. Now ask yourself, how in the hell can law enforcement catch criminals that have committed homicide without the evidence and forensic examination of the guns that are turned in? Isn’t that law 101?

A murder is committed with a gun and there are no witnesses; the only thing the police have to go on is spent shell casings with forensic evidence etched into the bullets that can identify what type of gun was used and the exact gun that was used by the markings on the bullet. You catch a bad guy with a gun on him; you take it to the lab, shoot a couple rounds off and match the markings on the bullet to the markings from the bad guy’s gun, now you know that the gun he was carrying was used in a murder! Now you can charge him with that murder, or get him to tell you who committed the murder if it wasn’t him, because the average bad guy, I don’t care how bad he is, doesn’t want to go to jail for a murder he didn’t commit. I know y’all seen The First 48, those dudes tell on each other so fast when the heat is on its mind boggling.

So with that being said, the more gun buyback programs implemented in Black neighborhoods means less homicides being solved. Who wants that, especially with what’s going on in Chicago right now? Do we really want to make it easier for villains to get away with murder when so many of our youth are being slaughtered in the streets?

I say we need to stop the gun buyback programs now if we really want to stop the criminals that are killing our children! Or at least make anyone turning in a gun accountable for that gun, no more anonymous turn ins, and I gaurantee none of these police departments will see a third of the guns that they see coming in now in the future.

What do you think?


You can read more about it here!

Django 2 “Re-Chained & Back to Slavery”

djangoFinally saw Django, and I must say, ……………………………………. It was some Bullshit!!!!!!!!! Did Trinidad James write that shit! Seriously! I’ve been reading all these reviews in my stream and nothing but praises for it, WTF! Don’t get me wrong the actors did a superb job, but Quentin, that dude on some BS!

Are we that easily fooled because a Black man got to kill some white people in a fucking movie and ride off in the sunset, nah, not even a sunset like how traditional westerns did it for the good guy, DJamie had to sneak off into the night. Then before he rode off he had to make the horse do the cupid shuffle, WTH! This dude has been rehashing a genre of movies that every self respecting Black person will say was one of the most racist eras in Hollywood.

Let me see, I’m going to employ Black actors to say Nigger 1000 times a frame, when it’s not even needed,  so I can get my insatiable lust of saying the N-word out there and not look like the closet racist I am, perfection. Sorry RZA, your boy thinks you’re his boy. Take a look at his movies people; he uses the word in just about every movie he makes, when it’s not even needed. Then he claims this is how we talk, you ain’t us dude, and how in the hell do you know that every other word out of white people’s mouths during the slavery times was Nigger.

Y’all need to understand, he writes all his movies, so this Nigger this Nigger that crap doesn’t need to be in there unless you want it to be. I say the same stuff about rappers that use Nigga excessively, so why would I give Quentin a pass. I feel you Spike Lee, except for the fact that you didn’t see the movie before you shot it to shit, but I feel you on this dude thinking it’s art so he can use Nigger with reckless abandon.

What if Spike Lee did a Blaxploitation-like parody of Shindler’s List where every other word was anti Semitic, and made light of the holocaust, let’s see who would green light that shit. Then make about 4 more movies like that and see where his career goes. But you think it’s OK to remake Blaxploitation movies for the enjoyment of Niggers I see. A word to the wise, use your talents for other purposes and stop calling us Niggers to our face.

And to really let us know how you feel, along with your colleagues, y’all allow a company to make Django slave dolls so little white kids can practice owning slaves. You might as well break out the whip and chains, I see through your BS and this is your last time, period. You’re not putting another movie out like this without some major boycott action coming your way. Make Kill Bill Volume 16 or something, but keep Nigger out of your mouth!

My Nigga “The Documentary” is now Live on Kickstarter!

My Nigga “The Documentary” is about the usage of the word Nigga by people of non-black races because of it’s proliferation in hip hop! Check it out here.

I decided to do a documentary talking to people of other other races about why they feel like it’s ok to use the word Nigga when addressing their friends and put it on Kickstarter to see if it was something that the people wanted to see. I believe they do so check it out and pledge a few bucks to help us achieve our goals. Heres the trailer!

Thanks in advance!

You Say He’s Just a Friend!

grinding1From All Women Are Crazy!!!

Women who are in serious relationships usually dread the female friends that some males have. They have this feeling because women don’t believe a man can have a female friend that he isn’t trying to have sex with. Although every woman won’t voice this opinion, pretty much all women believe it.

The ones who are more secure with themselves won’t argue over this situation because they feel like a man is going to do what a man is going to do.The ones who are insecure will argue this topic till they turn blue in the face, and are adamant about there beliefs.These are the ones that get to me. They sit around and throw this argument in your face and then turn right around and have a male friend.

What? Yep, they will have a male friend.

Now ain’t that just dandy, you just told me that men can’t have female friends because they always try to have sex with them and you have a male friend. So how is it that your male friend is just a friend? You mean he didn’t or hasn’t tried to have sex with you yet. But I digress. I know what you ladies are thinking, “but he can only go as far as I let him go. I don’t see him as a lover, he’s just a friend.”

Wow, ain’t that something. If you may remember I have a chapter about how women want there boyfriends to be there friends but there friends can’t be their boyfriends. If you will recall, I stated that for a woman to have a male friend, that male has to appeal to some part of that woman’s idea of what her man would be. There is usually some kind of attraction between the two or he would not be your friend.

So let’s see here, your male friend is someone that you have some form of attraction to, be it mental, emotional or physical, and you have this thought in the back of your mind that’s saying men cant have female friends because they always try to have sex with them.

So what are you waiting for?Flow, Puerto Rico

Are you waiting for him to try to sex you down or are you keeping him around in case you need to “break glass in case of emergency”? It seems to me that you know that this guy wants to have sex with you eventually; you’ve said that men can’t have female friends because we always want to have sex with them, right.

Or is the real problem with this situation the fact that you know that women who have male friends will usually end up having sex with him. Although she will reject his approaches toward her initially, she knows that when she decides that she wants to give it up, he will be there. In order to try to stop this from happening you want to instigate this male female friend argument to keep the man from realizing that it is you that has the hidden agenda. You want to have your cake and his cake to.

This will usually come during her bad times in her relationship, when she gets mad that her man ain’t doing exactly what she wants him to do, (see My Man Don’t chapter) so her solution to this problem is to have sex with her male friend.

As men, we hate the male friend because we know why he is hanging around. We know that he gives you what is supposed to be the inside scoop on why we do the things that we do, but for some strange reason he always leaves out why he is doing what he is doing.

Remember, a friend is someone that you talk to, visit, and kick it with on a regular basis. A person that you share your ups and downs with and they know you like you know yourself. By that definition, truth of the matter is the vast majority of men can not have a female friend. If it’s someone that we are around like that and talk to like that then, yeah I’m going to say it, we want to have sex with them.

I believe this coin goes both ways, because if he stays around long enough and remains your friend long enough, you will find an “excuse” to end up in his bed.

Now ain’t that Crazy!