The Divided States of America

It just dawned on me what republicans are hinting at when they call Obama a dividing force in America.

At first I just listened to the words politically and thought that they were trying to reference the fact that he’s Democrat and they are Republicans. This view spawned the usual response from the political pundits when they heard it.

“The President has been trying to work with Republicans and reach across party lines to get things done,” is what Democrats say, “It’s the Republicans who are not trying to bring the political parties together”.

The Republicans on the other hand continue to say that this President is a dividing force in America, no matter how much the President tries to work with them. This has been the narrative and it continues to be a Republican talking point.

Then today, as I was listening to Politically Direct on Current TV, they played a few sound bites from Romney who had won the New Hampshire primary the night before and it hit me.

There are 2 things that came to mind when hearing it, and both lean to the side of race baiting, a play on the inherent bias of white Americans against Black Americans. I always wondered how so many Right wing Republican hypocrites could have the audacity to say that a man who has continued to try to work with them to the detriment of his own base could be considered a divider and this is why.

  1. White Superiority Complex – White men in this country have always viewed Black men as their subordinates, beneath them, no matter who they are or what they do. Because of this they view anything that a Black man does that doesn’t bend to the there will as being an attack on their white manhood. A Black man that is out of line and doesn’t bend to the will of a white man when instructed to do so is considered a rebellious, cocky negro, who thinks he’s somebody, and they cant have that.This gives rise to the mentality that if you don’t obey their every whelm and I do something to you, it’s your fault. As in, this uppity Negro thought he could sit at the same table as us whites, and when we told him to move, and he didn’t, we grabbed him by the neck and beat him to a bloody pulp. It was his fault; he should have done what we told him to do!
  2. It’s a way for them to let other white people know, without having to say it plainly, that Obama has whites going against whites. And as a white man who has a superiority complex, this is not right. White people need to stick together.

This is why he is called a dividing force, he’s making white people take a look in the mirror and some of them are starting to realize that the reflection isn’t as pretty as they once thought it was. This is causing a problem across the board because Obama is showing America and the world what Black people are capable of.

Not only is has he been able to make America look better to the world, he is actually showing that he can lead and fix problems. This is why they are so afraid. Obama is the Jackie Robinson of Presidents and we all know what happens when the door is finally opened to Black people in any industry, there is always a lot more coming behind him.

This is why the Tea Party became so big. White men wanting things to go back to the good old days when Negro’s knew their place and stayed in it. Back when a Black man was told to do something and if he didn’t do it a white man could do whatever he wanted to do with him with impunity.

That’s why this division talking point has come and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. They know that if they say the wrong thing and it comes off racist Blah people will be up in arms and a lot of white people will be too. Which could cost them a chance to run for the position of POTUS, ask Rick Santorum about coming off as a racist, he might as well bow out now.

All and all we now understand what you all have been hinting at, you’re doing your job too good so they have to oppose everything that you do just so you can’t look even better than you look now, even if they have to destroy the economy and keep millions of people out of work to do it.

Stop dividing us Mr. President and do what the extreme Republican Right wants you to do, you Islamic Kenyan born rebel, so this division can stop!

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  1. Power, Privilege and Difference by Allan G. Johnson is an awesome book and really supports this article. It make everyone from all walks of life examine how they view others.

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