Ask and Ye Shall Receive

So one night I was headed to sleep and I asked The Most High what I needed to do to heal myself and live a longer better life and a word came to me. The word that came to me was Priyaha. I had never seen nor heard this word in my life. So as we do in the internet age, I googled it and I got 2 hits. One was Bhrahmana Priyaha “he is lord of all pious souls who dedicate their life to God” on The other was from Chapter 12 of the Bhagavad Gita and it goes as follows:


1.     Dear Lord, Who is better versed in Yoga – the ones who worship You in constant devotion with your form or the ones who worship You as the formless? 

Sri Bhagavaan (Sri Krishna)

2.     Those who fix their minds on me and worship me (with form) ever with supreme faith, I consider them as perfect in Yoga.(Yoga meaning– Union with God)

3.     But those who worship me as the formless, as the unchanging, the imperishable and the Omnipresent ONE…

4.       Those who have restrained their senses, who are even minded everywhere, who are engaged in the welfare of all the beings, verily, they also come to Me.

5.       But for human beings, it is more difficult to realize the formless God than the One with form.

6.       But those who worship me, renouncing all actions in Me, regarding Me as the Supreme Goal, meditating on Me with single minded devotion…

7.       For them whose thought is so set on Me, O Partha (another name for Arjuna), I will become very soon, the One to deliver them from this cycle of birth and death.

8.     Fix your mind on Me alone, Let your thoughts dwell in Me. (By doing so) You will live in Me here after. Of this, there is no doubt.  

9.     But if you are not able to fix your mind steadily on Me, O Dhananajaya (another name for Arjuna), then seek to reach Me by Abhyaasa Yoga (through constant practice). 

10.   If you are unable to do constant practice, be intent on doing all actions for my sake; even by performing actions for my sake, you will attain perfection.

11.   If you are unable to do even this, surrender thyself to me in love, not worrying about the fruits of actions with the self subdued. 

12.   Better indeed is knowledge than formal practice; better than knowledge is meditation; better than meditation is the renunciation of the fruit of the action (surrender in love); peace immediately follows this. 

13.   He who hates no being, who is friendly and compassionate to all, who is free from the feeling of I and mine, even-minded in pain and pleasure and forbearing…

14.   Santushtah Sathatham Yogi Yathaa-thmaa Dhrida Nischayaha
Mayyar-pitah Mano Buddhir Yo Madbhaktah Sa Me Priyaha

Ever content, steady in meditation, self controlled and possessed of firm conviction, with mind and intellect fixed on me, such a devotee is dear to me. 

15.   Yasmaanno Dvijate Loko Lokaanno Dvijate Cha Yaha
Harshaa-marshah Bhayo-dvegair Muktho Yah Sa Cha Me Priyaha

He by whom the world is not afflicted and whom the world cannot afflict, he who is free from joy, anger, fear and anxiety – he is dear to me 

16.   Anapekshah Shuchir Daksha Udaaseeno Gata Vyathaha
Sarvaa-rambha Pari Thyaagi Yo Madbhakthah Sa Me Priyaha

He who has no wants, who is pure and prompt, unconcerned, untroubled, and who is selfless in all his undertakings, he who is thus devoted to Me, is dear to Me

17.   Yo Na Hrishyati Na Dveshti Na Shochati Na Kaankshati
Shubha-ashubha Pari-thyaagi Bhakti-maan Yah Sa Me’ Priyaha

He who neither rejoices nor hates nor grieves nor desires, renouncing good and evil (treating both as the same), full of devotion, he is dear to Me 

18.   He who is the same to foe and friend and also in honor and dishonor, who is the same in cold and heat, in pleasure and pain, who is free from attachment… 

19.   Thulya Nindaa Sthuthir Mounee Santhushto Yena Kena Chith
Aniketah Sthirah Mathir Bhakthi-maan Me Priyo Naraha

To whom blame and praise are equal, who is silent, content with anything, free of selfish attachment, steady-minded and full of devotion-such a one is dear to Me 

20.   Ye Tu Dharmyaam Amritam-idam Yathoktam Paryupaasathey
Shraddha Daana Mat Parama Bhaktaastetiva Mey Priyaaha

Those, who follow this immortal dharma described above with devotion and faith, looking upon Me as the Supreme Goal, they are exceedingly dear to Me

Thus ends the dialogue between Sri Krishna and Arjuna in the Upanishad of the Bhagavad Gita, which imparts the knowledge of the Brahman, the Supreme and the science of Yoga, the twelfth chapter designated as Bhakti Yoga (The Yoga of devotion).

I added the actual Hindu words at the end of the quotes to show where the word Priyaha showed up in this chapter.

So as you can see the word is associated to Bhrahmana (Brahman – The One Supreme, Universal Spirit that is the Origin and Support of the universe and all that is in it). Priyaha (One Who Is Dear To Me – as the translation shows)

So I asked The Most High a question and a word that I had never heard of came to me. So I searched for the word and I found out that it was a Hindu word that meant, One who is dear to me, and the entity that was speaking this word was Sri Krishna who is a Hindu deity worshipped as the “complete” incarnation of Vishnu and Vishnu is the Supreme Being, Supreme Soul, or Supreme God.

So I asked a question that led me to the Supreme Most High God and He told me that The Yoga of Devotion was the answer to the question that I had asked.

Some of you that read this will say that the Hindu faith isn’t of God and that only Christianity is of God, but I Am from a different school of thought that KNOWS that all religions are of God that worship a Supreme Being that created humanity. And that is exactly why the word Priyaha came to me that night.

Had the answer come back simply as Devotion to The Most High, I would have easily dismissed it because it would have seemed like a cliché response to a question of that nature, so God had to give the answer in a way that could only be from Him and not an automatic response to the question. That’s why He chose a language I had no knowledge of, and a religion that I had little working knowledge about (although I have The Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita in my home and I know some things about it, but not to the tune of knowing chapters) to relay a message of TRUTH to me. He KNEW I would seek out the WORD and find the TRUTH.


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