It’s Just Chicken!

Disclaimer: I don’t like Chick-Fil-A anyway!

If you’re boycotting Chick-Fil-A because of the bigoted Christian views of its founder then you really need to get some better business in your life, seriously!

I’ve seen so many people over the past week or so claim they won’t eat at the restaurant simply because the founder does not approve of gay marriage. It’s a noble gesture but what are you actually accomplishing. Will your boycott help gay marriage? Nope!

It will hurt the pockets of the owner of the franchise, but before it does that, it’s going to destroy the franchisee. The person that spent their last dime to open up a business that they thought was going to be able to help their family and community for generations to come.

I feel you on the moral side of the equation, why would I continue to support a corporation that spends money to attack LGBT rights, I get it. But what about all the corporations that spend millions to support gender inequality; or those that are against women’s birth rights, those that are against healthcare reform, etc.

Where’s the outcry against them. This issue is getting too much attention because the LGBT community has a lot of lobbying power and they keep it in front of you via as many media outlets as possible, but its political BS. The reason why you know its BS is because if you did research on most of the people that own corporations in the US, you’d probably disagree with them on a whole lot of issues. As a matter of fact I know you’d disagree with them on a bunch of moral and social issues, because the average corporate overlord could care less about you, they only care about your money. And I know one of the best ways to get at them is thru boycotting their products but when it comes down to franchise based corporations, you hurt the little guy before you hurt the big guys in charge.

Don’t get me wrong, I think everyone should have the same inalienable rights, guaranteed by the federal government, and that anyone should be able to boycott or speak their minds regarding anything that they want to, but when you take up a cause, at least be genuine about it. Don’t just do it because it’s the happening thing right now, do it because it truly disturbs your inner being.

If you really want to effect the owners of these corporations get out and vote. Vote for people that are against Citizens United. Vote for people that are for the bill that Markos  Moulitsas, of Daily Kos and Public Citizen are trying to get passed that requires corporations to get permission from shareholders to use company resources for political purposes (click here to read more about it and join in).

This way you’re not unfairly hurting a franchisee because the owner of the corporation is a douche bag and you still get to affect other corporations that don’t have a franchise base by making them accountable to the shareholders also.

On another note, there are a lot of “Christians” that think what he is saying and doing is just fine and we know how religion controls the thoughts and actions of people. This guy is well into his latter years of life and has been a Christian all his life and the Church teaches that homosexuality is against God, so what do you think a golden years Christian that founded his company based on Christian values is going to say regarding LGBT rights. The man doesn’t even allow his franchised stores to open on Sundays, I rest my case!

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