PumKash, in my Mama Jones Voice!

Are you kidding me, the name of the perfume she’s trying to pedal is PumKash, derived from the word she uses for pussy, I mean vagina, for you prudes, and cash money, with a “hip” spelling of the word cash. Not only does the name wreak of ratchetness, the description of the smell she seeks to emulate ventures into the deep dark and pink crevices of the strip club culture.

This fragrance is suppose to smell like pum pum and kash, yep, pussy and money. Now don’t get me wrong, either or alone is great, well unless the woman doesn’t value hygiene, but combined, not so much so.

Have you ever been to a strip club and thought to yourself, I want this fragrance in my house, or better yet, I want to smell like this all the time. Me thinks not! Vagina and money doesn’t smell that savory if you ask me. To be truthful tho, I’ve only been to a few strip clubs in my life but I can’t ever recall thinking to myself, “I like what this smells like, I want to take this home with me”.

Maybe it’s just me, I know that strip club culture is big now and maybe people like the smell of a crispy $1 dollar bill and vagina, but damn! Do you like it enough to walk around smelling like it, day in and day out?

And furthermore she looks like a spokes model for cigarettes and cognac. So tell me, how do you smell after that combination? IJS  Jim Jones, don’t get mad at me for that statement, lol!



One thought on “PumKash, in my Mama Jones Voice!

  1. are you kidding me really really mama Jones people would do anything for a dollar. Like I really wanted to say to someone when they say what is that frightens you have on and I would say porn c***or should I just be true and say I always call P ussy No thank you I’ll pass from one black woman to another is serious.

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