Degrees and Toilet Tissue

fisk black gradsBlack women, please stop mentioning the fact that you’re college educated when you whine on and on about there not being any good Black men in the dating pool for you. It serves no purpose, at all! The reason why is because we could give a flying crap about your degree. As a matter of fact, your degree is synonymous with toilet paper to us. Yep that’s right, if we ran out of toilet paper and your degree was the first thing we saw, we’d wipe our asses with it!

Less than 1% of all Black men care about your degree!

That’s right of “All Black Men”, so when you think your degree should give you some type of ground to stand on when in the dating world, you are sorely mistaking. Then out of that 1% that do care, half of them are likely already in a relationship or married to other women with degrees. So you’re competing for less than one half of 1% of all eligible bachelors out there when you emphasize your degree.

The reason that your pool shrinks dramatically is because when a man hears a woman using her degree as a qualifier to why she should be desirable as a mate, he automatically labels you with the “I’m independent, I don’t need no man” sticker and that label usually brings a lot of baggage with it.

With the degree usually comes a pretty nice salary, which doesn’t mean anything to most men but you do have a few that are intimidated by this but the vast majority of men don’t care if a woman that he’s dating is paid, as a matter of fact we usually brag about it. But what he cares about is if you think making more money equates to wearing the pants in the relationship, and the sad thing is, a very large percentage of Black women who have a degree and make more money than their man actually try to emasculate the man. That’s where the problems begin.

It’s not that you make more money than him; it’s your attitude toward what having that money entails. As soon as you think your earning power puts you in charge, it’s over. And what’s really messed up about this is that women are being taught that when a man has problems in a relationship like this, it’s because the man feels inferior and “can’t handle a successful woman”. It’s the most asinine thought going but low and behold you see this frame of mind being broadcast across the TV and on the Internets every time some producer or blogger wants to create a little controversy.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some Black men that can’t handle a successful woman because he needs to be able to control what she is capable of but for the most part when problems arise within a relationship where the woman is the higher paid individual, it’s usually her fault, because she’s been tricked into believing that her degree and the amount of money she makes equates to control. And as soon as the relationship falls apart, low and behold she’ll have all kind of articles written about how Black men can’t handle successful Black women, which then strengthens her resolve and through confirmation bias, she doubles down on the degree and money aspect of the relationship.

The reality of the situation is that because she’s been brainwashed into this thought pattern she really believes that her degree and money should afford her the big piece of chicken, lol, or the seat of control. She then goes on to emasculate her male counterpart and over time a “Real Man”will not allow that to continue. At first he will try to correct it but that usually causes bigger fights because instead of recognizing that she’s trying to emasculate him, she’ll fall back on her programmed thought pattern of he can’t handle her.

Until Black women can recognize that damn near all of the men that they meet don’t care about those things in a relationship until they start to be used as instruments of emasculation, they’ll be running around listening to other women in the same predicament as they are, that don’t know what they’re talking about. And all that does is create more misinformed college educated, man-less degree coveting spinsters.

And on another note, some of you women that are complaining about not being able to find a man because they’re all scared of a “successful woman” are just plain old ugly or far too overweight, but that’s for another post!

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