Propaganda At Its Be$t!

article-2625286-1DBC184800000578-624_634x319When Michael Sams stood in wait praying that he received that coveted phone call from a team alerting him that he would become a member of the NFL, something struck me as strange.
His scene looked nothing like the scene I had witnessed on hundreds to thousands of occasions before, being someone who would watch or follow a few rounds of the draft yearly. His actual mention at seventh from the bottom, of the seventh round was historical in itself as, no one besides hardcore scouts and NFL higher ups would even think to talk about a guy who on most occasions, and when I say most, I mean 90% of the time, don’t even make an active NFL roster, and would fade off into obscurity quicker than it took to make the pick on the clock.
15 minutes, nope, not for a guy picked in that spot!
But low and behold we sit here and were talking about this guy and the fact that he kissed his boyfriend on TV!
There’s nothing to see here is always indicative of there’s something here that we don’t want you to see and what they don’t want us to see isn’t the infamous kiss, it’s why the Michael Sams even got airtime!
If he hadn’t come out as gay before the draft, most analyst said that they thought he could go as high as the second or third round. After the announcement, a lot of the execs, under anonymity, stated that he would drop down further in the draft due to the fact that he would be a disruptive force in the locker room, amongst their reasoning! What they were effectively saying was that most of the NFL was homophobic and didn’t want to be put in a situation where they had to “openly” deal with a gay player. Plausible deniability comes into play here, what you don’t know you don’t know!
So the question arises, why did he get so much media attention?
If we’re being serious, we all know why!
It’s because he is gay and pro gay activist we’re going to, and did, shove (no pun intended) Michael Sams down our throats, period! His entire campaign has been orchestrated by the pro gay activist groups to push their agenda, and for ESPN to sell ads!
Now, before you go into a tirade and go up in arms about how I used the words “pro gay agenda”, what you need to know is that that statement is not meant to be negative in any way. The only people that would view it as such have an agenda of their own!
There are pro women, Black, Jewish, Arab, Hispanic agendas also, and the only people that think that these agendas are negative are the people that are fighting against them!
To me, there are no such thing as gay, Black, Hispanic or women’s rights, there are only rights, to infringe upon them in any capacity is wrong, not constitutionally wrong, wrong period!
The reason why I say that it’s all propaganda is that in all the draft picks I’ve seen not even 5% (but I’ll just say 5%) have ever been pictured on draft day, kissing their significant others, and those were the ones that were drafted in the first round.
The other 95% that are shown are usually hugging or kissing their mothers or fathers. They are usually in wait with their families and friends, if they’re not going first round, and we never, ever see them get the coverage that Sams did!
Now, the first “openly” gay football player, who went in the 7th round has created a media buzz for months and now has the number two best selling jersey in football, and a reality show!
So you tell me, what do you think the agenda was?!

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