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Joc and ReddSo I’m watching Lust and Hip Hop Atlanta the other day with my wife and a certain scene stuck out to me because I’ve heard so many women use the words that were used via conversations, in real time, or online in social media post, that I decided to share my billion cents on the subject!
It was the scene when Karlie Redd was in the studio with Jeremih.
The scene was staged to be a sexually tense scene, which was supposed to happen exactly when Yung whatever his name is, Joc I think, (it’s so many young this and that’s), was coming through the door. If you saw the show, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Jeremih was touching and caressing her in a sexual manner while licking his lips in an “I’d F the crap out of you manner”!
Her “man” walks in right when it occurs, and gives Jeremih a look and then says something about the situation, Jeremih turns and asks her if “she’s cool”.
For one, asking a chick if she cool after her man walks in on some shit like that is a violation waiting to happen, ninja what! But here’s where I have something to say about the situation.
In the confessional part of the show, she states that it felt good to have him caressing her like that. Ding!
But in the show she told Joc that wasn’t nothing going on, although allowing a negro to caress you when thou know that you are supposed to be in a relation ship, is a bit more than nothing. Eh I guess at least she wasn’t kissing him, she was just doing a little bit of harmless flirting, right. Ding Ding!
Then she proceeded to lambast him about his philandering ways prior to what occurred in the studio, to try to justify what she did. Maybe I’m naive but, if nothing was going on and everything was so innocent, why would you bring up the instances in which your significant other was “cheating” on you, I thought you wasn’t on nothing! Ding Ding Ding!
Then what really made me say, that’s that bullshit is when she ran outside behind him calling him insecure about what had just occurred, as if she was being super loyal to him and he didn’t have anything to worry about, ever! I might be confused but isn’t that exactly what you here when you confront your woman/man in a possible situation where you thought that they might be cheating. It’s always, you’re insecure, you don’t have nothing to worry about and then you find out later that that mf’er was cheating all along, yeah that’s how it usually occurs! Ding………… lets just say, four alarm fire just sounded!
Yeah, I know what some of y’all are saying, she was right, dude is insecure, he can do whatever freaky shit he did, but she can’t do shit. If you’re one of those people, count your fingers to 3 and raise the one that it lands on and point it at yourself for me!
Now that you’ve done that, please explain to me how walking in on your woman, being caressed and eye fucked by another dude means that you’re insecure when you call her on it, or vise versa! Y’all got the game all f’d up! Flirting brings about sexual tension, and sexual tension eventually brings about sex, and if you think a person is insecure because he/she has a problem with you having sexually tense moments with the opposite sex, then you’re on BS and trying to cover something up!
As I stated in the beginning, I’ve heard a lot of women cosign this BS as if you are insecure when you call them out on their flirting. What is flirting anyway, “it’s being sexually attracted to someone and letting them know that you are, but not going all the way with them”! She even stated in her confessional that “it felt good to have him touch her like that”, her words!
Woman logic, man flirts with woman, he’s a dirty dog trying to get a bone! Woman flirts with man, it’s all innocent and he’s insecure because he said something about it! Lose, lose for us!
The innocence of flirting is a fallacy period! It’s not innocent, people make that claim because they may not have been willing to go the extra step at the exact time.
Ladies/men how often do you flirt with someone that you would never in a million life times have sex with? Be serious!
No one does, if you’re flirting with someone, you would sleep with her/him if the situation presented itself.
That doesn’t necessarily mean that you would cheat on your man/woman with that person. Some will, some won’t, but if you and your significant other part ways and you run into that person again, those same sexual tensions will still be there, and this time that flirting may go further than the first time!
Oops, that last pic was of her other industry related relationship, but don’t worry Joc, you’re her boo for this storyline! We see you tho Jeremih!

Karlie Redd


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