BW Writes is the official online portal for the author Byron Woulard, The Hip Hop Author & Philosopher. 

Byron launched his career as an author with the book entitled All Women Are Crazy!!! a humorous slant on how men rationalize some of the crazy things women say and do.

He quickly followed it up with a philosophical offering entitled The Pawn Queen (The Making of the 21st Century Black Female) which is part of a 3 part series dedicated to the African American thought process in the 21st century.

This site is dedicated to the philosophical thoughts of Byron and the books that he will be writing in the coming years.

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  1. Not a bad piece, although it was focused on a single branch of the whole tree. A lot of churches take in astronomical numbers, the so-called blacks and whites alike share this commonality.

    I shared your piece because it does bring awareness as too how the tithings could be used on better causes. I also disagree with others when I hear them say: “We pay God the tithes!”

    God made the very thing money is made out of, I can’t name one thing God would buy with money. Therefore, the claim may work for others but as for me, I’ve falling in love with truth! So I know her face when she shows.

    The life force energy we embody is the generator of how much or how little currency we create. Using vast amounts to accomplish small task or quantum amounts to generate billions in a day!

    Energy is current, we take that current and then store it in some monetary paper with an electromagnet strip embedded within it. We call this stored up energy MONEY i.e currency.

    So in essence could tithing with “currency” be seen as the lazy man way out?
    I often wonder about this when it comes to the verse about when church members are told “I know thee not.” Because instead of using current/ life force, people are offering 2nd hand stored up energy that came from putting in 40+ hours in at work. Giving the “Current” to man and the “Currency” to God.

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