Jay Z, Solange and Sensationalist “Journalism”!

solange_jayz_beyonce_tk_140312_16x9_992When the elevator recording was leaked that showed Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z in an elevator the internet went wild!
All kind of speculations hit the fan, no one knows what occurred to provoke her to use physical violence on Hov but whatever it was, she surely was pissed. Pissed to the point of “Im a kick the shit out of you” on more than one occasion, type of pissed!
She was mad about something and thanks to no audio to accompany the video; radio DJ’s, pundits and bloggers alike took to whatever medium that they use, to spew they’re on personal opinions on what had to occur in order for Solange to go there.
What I noticed is that, whatever “type” of writer/person that they portray themselves to be on the internet, whatever agenda they propagate, was the understanding that that they wrote from. Most would readily say, okay, isn’t that how everyone reacts, from their own personal outlooks on life. Don’t we all react to things based off our own personal experiences?
Yes we do!
So what does that say about the tweets, blog post and status updates that we witnessed after the leak?
Well it’s simple, read what they said and attribute it to that persons life story! How many of these people were really objective? Did they use any logic or reasoning to come to their conclusions or were their words emotionally charged!?
People started to speculate on what he probably said to her, or what he did to Beyonce, so many post on these various forms of social media seemed to welcome the turmoil in their relationship! People seemed to be happy because their relationship wasn’t as perfect as “they” (meaning the bloggers) wanted to believe that it was. People tend to think that if a couple that’s in the spotlight doesn’t air their dirty laundry for the world to see, then they must be “perfect” or at least pretending to be, like I really want you to know whats going on behind closed doors!
Others whooped and hollered about how she kicked and punched him, and painted him out to be a wimp ass dude, that brags about being tough on the streets in his music but wasn’t tough enough to handle what 100 lb Solange was dishing out! Jay Z bitch made, is what a lot of women were broadcasting.
So if he would have beat her down or choked her out, what would he be then?!
A woman beater, once a gain, bitch made, etc. There was literally nothing he could have done in that situation better than what he did, nothing! But the fact that women are painting him as a soft punk speaks volumes about who they are and what they think!
People started speculating on their marriage and talking about he beats her, and that they are about to get divorced. As if just because they are famous and in the spotlight that they shouldn’t ever argue with each other. And if they do, it’s divorce time.
Ask yourself this, how many arguments have you had with your significant other, how frequently? Did you have one and call it quits? But every single time Jay or Beyonce are seen in public with a frown on their faces, the blogosphere goes bananas with the marital problems posts and pray for their separation. Im guessing so that they can say “I told you so”, and have more BS to write about!
At the end of the day, families have problems, brothers and sisters have arguments, sometimes things get out of hand, but that happens to everyone! The only difference is that people that idolize people hate when those that they idolize don’t live up to the expectations that they think that they should live up to!

To put it short, those who’ve been beat up in a relationship attributes it to him beating her, those who’ve been cheated on claims it was over cheating, and so on! And if that doesn’t speak to who you are, nothing does!


“Niggas In Paris”, In Real Time!

Disclaimer: If you are offended by the usage of the word Nigga, Niggas, Nigger or any variation of the word……………….. get over it!

So Gwyneth Paltrow Tweets out, “Niggas in Paris for real”, and the Black blogosphere goes up in arms, white blogs discussed it also, but Black bloggers seem to want to keep it on the front page for propaganda purposes. After seeing it x amount of times since the incident I decide to add my hundred billion cent opinion to it, yeah I said it, 100 billion cent opinion.

My first thought was niggas please, my second thought was niggas please and my third thought was, I just used the word nigga in written format more times than in one sentence than I have since I thought I was destined to be an MC. Casual T was the name, people call me Tab so I was Casual Tab, get it, then T Slang, Tab Slang. Don’t laugh T-Pain getting money, I wish I would have thought about auto-tuning myself back then, but oh well!

As I grew older and wiser, I decided to limit my usage of the word and my MC names transformed into Reign Philosophe, yeah that’s right with an E and Wizdom Manifest, with a Z. What kind of Hip Hop titan would I have been without corrupting the English language just a little bit right?  Sadly my career as the world’s greatest MC never took flight, probably because I only recorded 1 song and never went back to get it mastered, but I was cold I tell you, cold!

But anyway, back to Nigga, that infamous, diabolical 5 letter word that has caused this “uproar”. To the niggas that keep posting about how offensive it is, Niggas Please.

Historically ……………… blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada. Now that you are caught up on the historical meaning and significance of the word, let’s move on shall we.

For the past 30+ years of the existence of Hip Hop, the word Nigga has been used. We, Black men, hoisted the word into the stratosphere and said that we were going to change the meaning of it. We urbanized the spelling by subtracting the E & R and added an A to take it from nigger; a term of hatred spewed by whites, to Nigga a term of endearment when spoken amongst brothers. Hip Hop, which was quickly becoming the culture and language of the worlds disenfranchised youth translated this new meaning and spelling to people from New York, to England, to Japan, Africa, China, South America, Russia, Germany, and to every crevice of this planet that had the capacity to receive radio waves. At this point the word started to take on different meanings associated with the way it was spelled and with how a non-black person used it. Continue reading

Jay Z, The Illuminati and a Bunch of Idiots

I’m sitting in the room and my wife is talking about Jay Z and Beyonce’s brand new baby daughter whose name is being reported as Blue Ivy or Ivy Blue when she runs across a post online saying that the babies name is an acronym for something that has to do with The Illuminati.

Yeah, I know, stupid as hell right, and if you don’t think that it is stupid as hell then guess what, you’re stupid as hell. Although I knew that whoever wrote it had to be joking, or they better had been joking, it still pissed me off a bit that people still have the audacity to mention Hip Hop and R & B stars as card carrying members of The Illuminati. These people have to be ignorant at best or idiots at worst. Jay Z in the Illuminati is like saying Martin Luther King Jr could have been the grand wizard of the KKK.

What really causes my stomach to churn is that I see this non-sense being written about all over the Internet by idiotic neophyte bloggers who really don’t know or seem to not want to know what The Illuminati is. These people won’t even do any real research; they just write stuff to get people to read their blogs even if it’s not true.

So for the “I don’t want to do any research, I’ll believe whatever someone writes crowd”, in the briefest way possible, The Illuminati is a group of men who control the world from behind the scenes. That’s the simplest way to put it, and where in that definition would you add a 40 something year old Black man who just got rich 15 years ago. So, do you really believe that Jay Z could be a member of an organization that spans all the continents and 1000’s of years under different names. Continue reading