The Failing Presidency, So Sad!

In 2009 Obamacare went to the House and Senate to be voted on. Not one RepubliCon voted for it in the House or Senate, not one, but 34 Democrats voted against it and it still passed and was signed into law in March of 2010. We got what we believed would be the road to to a universal single payer health care system, boy were we wrong!

After it was passed and went into law, RepubliCon’s voted over 50 times to repeal it but were not successful. Some RepubliCon governors even refused to implement it in their states, then blamed Obama for their constituents health problems.

After 5 years of RepubliCon obstruction the rates started to rise because there wasn’t enough young people opting to purchase the minimum coverage to keep rates stable. They also rose because of the fact that RepubliCon lead states continued to find ways to not implement it which kept a significant amount of people out of the market, yet they blamed the rate hikes on Obama.

Seven years in a row; 50 plus votes to repeal comes out to 7 plus votes a year, all the while they’re actively trying to sabotage it on the state level, and it stood even with a majority RepubliCon Congress.

Now its 2017 with a RepubliCon held White House, Senate and House of Representatives, and they still cant find enough votes to repeal Obamacare because they cant get all their members on board a fix that the CBO has shown to be a disaster that would leave 14 million people uninsured next year, with an additional 10 million added over the next 10 years.

Premiums would still rise 15 to 20 percent before they eventually become 10 percent lower. What hasn’t been discussed is, would that be 10 percent lower than the cost right now, or 10 percent lower than the 15 to 20 percent rate hike? You see what I’m getting at here right? Ten percent lower than the 15 to 20 percent increase means that the rates would rise 5 to 10 percent after the repeal, which means that they’re selling us their usual RepubliCon bullshit. Luckily it didn’t pass.

Whats really crazy is that the so called president has decided to say that its the Democrats fault that it didn’t pass, which is partially true, but he’s trying to spin it and say that they didn’t give him any of their votes as if they should have. This is the so called presidents way of diverting the attention away from the fact that he lost bigly, as he would say, and it wasn’t because of Democratic obstruction, it was at the hands of his own party. He has a majority in the House and Senate but couldn’t muster up enough votes to get it through the House. Obama lost 34 Democrats and still got the bill signed into law with Not One RepubliCon vote, read that again, Not One.

So explain to me why 45 needs to have Democrats to help him out! President Obama reached his hand across the aisle for 8 years trying to get members of the Get Out Party (GOP) to help govern this country and they refused to do anything significant because of their hatred of him. They’re leadership stated that their only mission was to make him a one term President, and obstruct anything he tried to accomplish.

They stopped his attempts to fix the infrastructure, they blocked his jobs bills, they fought against solar, they shut the government down, and so on and so on, all in an effort to make him look incompetent and make sure that his legacy wouldn’t be great.

Then as soon as they won the White House they immediately went into action to try to erase anything and everything that he did in his 8 years as President, but now this so called president is whining about not getting any help from Democrats, GTFOH!