3 Levels of Blackness

wedjat-eyeAverage Black people don’t care about the past, are afraid of the future and live expressly for Right NOW!

It’s evident in how they think the past holds no solutions for whats happening NOW and that things will only stay the same or get worse in the future.
So whats needed Right NOW is whatever material thing thats considered hot, not what they actually need, so the people are stagnated once again but this time because they see no good in the future, therefore why try to plan and save for it.

Afrocentric Black people are in love with the past, infatuated with future possibilities, but hate Right NOW!

Its evident in how all their solutions either harkens to a time of Black Majesty, or are set to unfold a generation or two down the road.
So whats needed Right NOW is always debatable, to the point of stagnation, therefore kicking the problems down the road for the next generation.

Enlightened Black people understand the past, make plans for the future and loves Right NOW!

It is evident in how all their solutions borrow from the past, and seek to build a better future by utilizing what we have Right NOW!
So whats needed Right NOW takes precedence over how things used to be in an effort to focus on what the future can be shaped into.

The Average Black person and Afrocentric Black person have interchangeable characteristics within their understandings, because there are a lot of brainwashed Afrocentric Black people who actually help to spread a Self Oppressed mind state to the the majority group, the Average Black person.

Take-off-the-Chain-dont-paint-them-in-GoldThis creates a problem because the Average Black person thinks that the Afrocentric Black person is the same as the Enlightened Black person, but in almost every case they are not. The Average Black person does not want to put in the time to gather the amount of knowledge needed to elevate to the level of an Enlightened Black person, therefore anyone that appears to have more knowledge becomes the Enlightened Black person in the eyes of the Average Black person!

But the thing is, in order to make it to the Enlightened Black persons level, one must first become the Afrocentric Black person, there is no way around this. The only problem lies with staying their!

Once the Afrocentric level is reached by the Average Black person he/she believes that they have peaked, thus plateaued on the plain of Enlightenment. This is where the Afrocentric understanding becomes the paramount understanding! And because knowledge leads to the feeling of Power, the Afrocentric initiate feels the new level of respect that is given and seeks to multiply that feeling. In doing so most become lost to the fact that knowledge is ever evolving. At this point is when they fail to seek knowledge and understanding outside of the Afrocentric equation, believing that this is it, therefore they stay on the Afrocentric level but elevate within it!

The Enlightened Black person has traveled the road of the Afrocentric but understood that something was still missing in the grand scheme of themes. They are the ones who decided to seek knowledge outside of the understanding of Afrocentricity and by doing so recognizes the inherent Synergy produced by combining the knowledge from each level of understanding, with knowledge from outside of the Black equation to create a new, ever evolving dynamic, that only seeks to create, grow and evolve further. This is the closest that man can get to the level of God Most High the Supreme Being, The Creator! This is the true plateau of understanding!

By using this understanding to create; more expressions of The Most High’s Oneness with ALL things seen and unseen become manifest! A thought can become a material thing! A thought can become the road map for the future! A thought can manifest greatness or destruction! This is what the Enlightened Black person knows; it’s what the Afrocentric Black person thinks needs to be centered in Afrocentrism only, and that the Average Black person doesn’t care to know exist.

Yet this very understanding actually seeks out the Average Black person, and plants itself as a quest for knowledge of self, which turns their mind towards Afrocentricty, which then blossoms into Enlightenment!

And there we find God!

Church Tithing #BestHustleEver

After reading a post on FB this morning about Black Churches collecting $3 billion in tithes every Sunday I decided to do a little research. I already knew that Black Churches collect a lot of money on Sunday’s but $3 billion seemed a bit outlandish. After a quick search I found that those numbers were way too high but came across more realistic numbers that are still high but far less than the $3 billion that I had read about earlier.

In one report I read that the Black Church has taken in upwards of $420 billion in revenue since 1980. 32 years $420 billion, that’s approximately $13.125 billion dollars a year which comes out to which comes down to $252.4 million dollars per week. Are you F’ing kidding me?

$252 million dollars per week is an astronomical figure. In 2011 the Black Church collected over $14 billion in tithes which is $875 million higher than average. So in these tough economic times we still find enough money to prop up these churches with almost a billion more in offerings.

Am I the only one that sees a problem with this? Am I the only one that thinks that this issue needs to addressed by the Black community as a whole? I doubt it so if you are reading this and think like I do, please pass this on.

Based on last year’s numbers of roughly $14 billion in collections, that breaks down to $269.2 million dollars per Sunday being pumped into the Black Church economy.

Where does it all go? Do churches need that type of money to operate?

If half of that money was being put back into the economic development of the African American communities that it came from, we’d be seeing nothing short of a new age renaissance. But unfortunately it’s being used for other purposes like:

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Ask and Ye Shall Receive

So one night I was headed to sleep and I asked The Most High what I needed to do to heal myself and live a longer better life and a word came to me. The word that came to me was Priyaha. I had never seen nor heard this word in my life. So as we do in the internet age, I googled it and I got 2 hits. One was Bhrahmana Priyaha “he is lord of all pious souls who dedicate their life to God” on gurusfeet.com. The other was from Chapter 12 of the Bhagavad Gita and it goes as follows:


1.     Dear Lord, Who is better versed in Yoga – the ones who worship You in constant devotion with your form or the ones who worship You as the formless? 

Sri Bhagavaan (Sri Krishna)

2.     Those who fix their minds on me and worship me (with form) ever with supreme faith, I consider them as perfect in Yoga.(Yoga meaning– Union with God)

3.     But those who worship me as the formless, as the unchanging, the imperishable and the Omnipresent ONE…

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Originally Sin?

The question here is; is Original Sin true or a false concept created by man?

I see post all the time about Adam’s sin and it’s supposed to be the reason why death is
in the world. Religious Christian zealots claim that because of the original sin of Adam eating from The Tree of Knowledge man was condemned to death, as it states in The Bible, Gen 2:17.

This is then used as the reason that Jesus (Yahshua) had to be born into this world and die on the cross as the savior for mankind to allow us to live eternally in the abode of Heaven. But one thing makes no since in this statement because, if man was meant to live forever in the flesh in the first place, why did Jesus have to die for us to only live in heaven eternally, not in the flesh as pastors and preachers claim. There is no mention in the beginning of the Bible about man living forever in heaven, nor does any pastor or preacher teach this concept, although the Tree of Life is mentioned in Genesis.

So once again, is this truth or a lie?

So the story goes, God created man, God is All Knowing, God told man to not eat from a specific tree that he created, man, who had been given choice, chose to eat of the tree anyway. Then God punished man for doing so by allowing man to die, but first let them live for up to 999 years. Then send his son to die on the cross 4000 years later so that man can live forever in eternity! This is the gist of the story, right.

Here is where the problems come in with this story!

1) If God is All Knowing then He had to Know that Adam would eat of the Tree of Knowledge, which meant that it was part of the Divine plan, and should not be considered sin

2) Man could never have been designated to never die because that would have meant that the world would have been overpopulated 1000’s of years ago with 3 and 4 thousand year old humans

3) Why would God send Jesus to die on the cross so that we can live forever in Heaven when the original sin caused our life in the flesh to be cut short, shouldn’t Jesus’ death have been so that we can live forever in the flesh as it was originally planned

I already know what the zealots are going to say about this; God works in mysterious ways, you can’t use mans logic and reasoning when it comes down to God’s plans, etc, but this is one of the first stories in the Bible and it cannot be true by any standard of sensible thought. The only standard it works under is, blind following the blind. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

If you are not blind and you claim to know the answers, leave a comment?