You Say He’s Just a Friend!

grinding1From All Women Are Crazy!!!

Women who are in serious relationships usually dread the female friends that some males have. They have this feeling because women don’t believe a man can have a female friend that he isn’t trying to have sex with. Although every woman won’t voice this opinion, pretty much all women believe it.

The ones who are more secure with themselves won’t argue over this situation because they feel like a man is going to do what a man is going to do.The ones who are insecure will argue this topic till they turn blue in the face, and are adamant about there beliefs.These are the ones that get to me. They sit around and throw this argument in your face and then turn right around and have a male friend.

What? Yep, they will have a male friend.

Now ain’t that just dandy, you just told me that men can’t have female friends because they always try to have sex with them and you have a male friend. So how is it that your male friend is just a friend? You mean he didn’t or hasn’t tried to have sex with you yet. But I digress. I know what you ladies are thinking, “but he can only go as far as I let him go. I don’t see him as a lover, he’s just a friend.”

Wow, ain’t that something. If you may remember I have a chapter about how women want there boyfriends to be there friends but there friends can’t be their boyfriends. If you will recall, I stated that for a woman to have a male friend, that male has to appeal to some part of that woman’s idea of what her man would be. There is usually some kind of attraction between the two or he would not be your friend.

So let’s see here, your male friend is someone that you have some form of attraction to, be it mental, emotional or physical, and you have this thought in the back of your mind that’s saying men cant have female friends because they always try to have sex with them.

So what are you waiting for?Flow, Puerto Rico

Are you waiting for him to try to sex you down or are you keeping him around in case you need to “break glass in case of emergency”? It seems to me that you know that this guy wants to have sex with you eventually; you’ve said that men can’t have female friends because we always want to have sex with them, right.

Or is the real problem with this situation the fact that you know that women who have male friends will usually end up having sex with him. Although she will reject his approaches toward her initially, she knows that when she decides that she wants to give it up, he will be there. In order to try to stop this from happening you want to instigate this male female friend argument to keep the man from realizing that it is you that has the hidden agenda. You want to have your cake and his cake to.

This will usually come during her bad times in her relationship, when she gets mad that her man ain’t doing exactly what she wants him to do, (see My Man Don’t chapter) so her solution to this problem is to have sex with her male friend.

As men, we hate the male friend because we know why he is hanging around. We know that he gives you what is supposed to be the inside scoop on why we do the things that we do, but for some strange reason he always leaves out why he is doing what he is doing.

Remember, a friend is someone that you talk to, visit, and kick it with on a regular basis. A person that you share your ups and downs with and they know you like you know yourself. By that definition, truth of the matter is the vast majority of men can not have a female friend. If it’s someone that we are around like that and talk to like that then, yeah I’m going to say it, we want to have sex with them.

I believe this coin goes both ways, because if he stays around long enough and remains your friend long enough, you will find an “excuse” to end up in his bed.

Now ain’t that Crazy!