sandra blandThese are a few things that I haven’t heard mentioned yet, but bring into question the cops motives and the alleged suicide. Read them and let me know what you think.

1) When the cop finally got her out of her vehicle, why did he instruct her to stand where he told her stand. At first pass the average person would say, so they won’t be in the street, and they could avoid traffic, sounds legit.
But now juxtapose that with your own experience or those that you’ve witnessed and you’ll realize that most, upwards of 95% of the time when a police takes you out of your car, they instruct you to stand at the back of your vehicle.
This cop deliberately instructed her to stand in an area where the police camera could not see exactly what was going on. When she moved to put her phone on the car he made sure he told her to come back to the area where the camera couldn’t see what was going on and he searched her off camera. Had he done like most cops and told her to stand at the back of the vehicle, everything would have been on tape.
So he knew exactly what he was doing, making sure that his actions were off camera but in a position where he could be heard! Notice where he is standing, with her just out of the view of the camera, then by the time he throws her down they are both outside of the camera view!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 10.07.19 AM2) If the tape was not doctored or edited like the officers claimed, then why do we have continuous audio overlay. A glitch in the upload of the footage that results in looping of the film would have looped the audio also. There is no possible way for the audio to play straight through while the actual video footage glitches, if they are on the same file. The only way for the audio to play straight through is for it to be on a different file which means that you would need video editing software to separate the video from the audio.
So the software glitch story is fabricated, thus once again proving that something outside the ordinary happened that they are trying to cover up!

3) A News source reported that she was found in a semi standing position. Yes you read that right, semi-standing
This means that she supposedly hung herself by leaning over until she died. What they’re trying to tell us is that her will to live, the strongest urge of any living creature wasn’t there in any capacity, because all she had to do was stand up and she would have lived. Then all of a sudden they come out with a story that she told the arresting officers that she attempted suicide a few months earlier. Which by the way means that the officers should have put her on 24 suicide watch, which means that they should have taken any and everything out of her cell that she could use to harm herself. Which means that there should not have been a plastic garbage bag in the cell. They are at the very least complicit in her suicide for allowing those objects to be in a jail cell with her. And let’s be clear here, no one, and I mean no one has ever used a plastic bag to hang themselves, ever. If a plastic bag is used, the individual always puts the bag over there head and suffocates to death!

4) The media showed a garbage can during the spot and said that the plastic bag was similar to the one seen in the picture. Thus helping to create a narrative that made it seem like the the garbage can and bag were the ones in the cell with her, and that the the garbage bag was big enough to kill herself with!

5) In the footage that shows the paramedics rushing to her cell, something struck me as strange. The cell that was directly in front of the camera was empty, but they had her in a cell in a dark corner where she was once again conveniently out of camera range. Which once again begs the question, why put her in that corner where they knew no footage could be taken of what went on? Notice the empty cell, why don’t they have garbage cans in this one!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.19.57 AM6) If they have footage from inside the station of the paramedics coming in to try to save her, then that means that they should also have footage of everything else that transpired in the that area from when she was put in the cell up until the paramedics wheeled her away dead. And they also said that the footage doesn’t show anyone going into the cell that morning but they haven’t released any of that footage.
But guess what, they already have their lie in place for when they say that the footage is messed up or gone, remember the glitch from uploading the dash cam footage, it’s already in play!

7) And lastly where’s the dash cam footage from the second officer on the scene, the lights were on so why hasn’t that footage been released! The second car had arrived on the scene before the this was taken, but if you listen to the first video put out, you can hear when the second car arrived and the lights were on in this video, which means that the dash cam should have been activated in the second car also!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.36.38 AMSo as I sit here thinking about the fact that I found 7 reasons why there’s a problem with this story and I’m not a crime scene investigator or a lawyer, I have to believe that the justice department has noticed these things also, and are preparing to look into the death of Sandra Bland. Another Black face in this every growing collage of Black men and women who died in the custody of those who swore an oath to serve and protect!
If you think that I have valid points and that the justice department should investigate this incident, please share this with your friends and family and call for justice for Sandra Bland.