Martial Law Chicago, Coming to a Street Corner Near You!

228 + murders and 100’s and 100’s more shot this year in Chicago already! Why, people are asking? Why so much violence is such a beautiful city? You have a plethora of talking heads; the mayor, the police chief, and anyone else with an opinion churning out answers and happily standing in front of cameras at press conferences all around the city, but the violence continues on.

At this point Jody Weis has to fill a little bit better about his track record as police chief here. No matter what he tried to do it kept coming back to these wild wild west type of spring and summer occurrences. I remember posting on a social network a few years ago that I loved it when it rained during the summer, and everyone chimed in about the rain helping to break up the heat, the smell of rain and so on, but I came back and said, I like it because at least then you’ll know that there will be no shootings. Because for some reason gangbangers don’t like getting wet. When it rains no one is standing around outside selling drugs, smoking or drinking, they’re all in their cribs or somewhere indoors, so the shooting stops. But as soon as the sun comes out it’s back to the gunplay.

So as city leaders debate about what will stop the shootings, making it rain seems to be the only thing that has stopped it so far, and rain is an act of God, so in short, only an act of God can stop it. Or there is one other alternative, Martial Law. Yep, you heard it here; martial law is the only other way to stop the violence besides an act of God!

Let’s be serious, the vast majority of the violence in Chicago is centered in the same neighborhoods every single year, then you have a few problems outside these areas but nothing as major as what you see in Englewood week in and week out. Would the mayor be wrong for laying that option on the table? I say no! The mayor should have the option to declare martial law and disperse them to these problem areas until they can get it under control. As a Black man spewing this I know this will get a lot of people heated and the so called Black leaders will chime in about how it’s like being back in slavery. Or what’s going to stop them from putting all Black people in concentration camps like they did the Japanese, blah, blah, blah!

Which would you rather see; a neighborhood of law abiding citizens being murdered weekly, and be under the control of vicious gangs, or an over powering military presence that makes sure that the gangbangers stay in check for the most part? Yeah, it will cause some angst amongst the community but no more than being scared to sit on your porch.

So to all you gangbangers who are destroying your communities because of drugs and gang affiliation, Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, Fuck your rights as American citizens. You are enemy combatants and you should be treated as such. The vast majority of people that live in these areas are law abiding citizens and you are making it hell on them day in and day out. People can’t even sit on their porch or near the front window of their homes because one of you no aiming bastards are shooting the wrong person all the time. Travelling to and from work is a problem because of you ignorant bastards. Continue reading