Bain Capital for President!

Does anyone else see what Romney is planning on doing if he gets in office? Take his tax plan for instance. It’s been proven that the immediate result of it will be upwards of $4 pushing on $5 trillion dollars in additional debt. Absent of knowing how it will be deficit neutral, we can only speculate on how he intends on making up this $5 trillion dollars in lost revenue when he brings down the tax rate to 20% across the board. Even after speculation it stills leaves $1 trillion unaccounted for, but that’s not even the real issue here.

The real issue is that Romney touts his experience in the free market as why he’s more than capable of running the United States of America. Sounds good when you look at the fact that he has become tremendously rich from doing so and is still owner, if only by “trust” as he says, of Bain Capital, which is a multibillion dollar corporation.

But when you take a look at what Bain Capital and its subsidiaries did to get to the point that they are at today, then Mitt Romney’s venture to become the next POTUS is a bit disturbing to say the least.

  • His company was a “pioneer in outsourcing” jobs to countries across seas
  • His company is in the business of buying failing companies, laying off 1000’s of employees, and loading them up with tremendous debt to pay bonuses to investors and extract the profit that they sought before they try to turn the company around
  • His company does this even if the corporation they purchased never gets back to profitability and goes bankrupt, they still make off like fat rats

This has been the Bain Capital way and it has proven highly successful for his investors and himself. So here’s what you need to understand. If Mitt Romney gets elected, he will do the US the exact same way.

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Win – Win for Citizens ………… United

Grover Norquist, The 5 Conservative Supreme Court Justices, The Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and everyone over at Faux News that have campaigned tirelessly to get Citizens United on the books as a law are really loving what’s being done by Mitt Romney right now. It was recently reported that Mitt will more than likely be the first presidential candidate to out raise a sitting president in a presidential campaign since the beginning of this great republic.

With billionaire after billionaire helping to raise funds for Mitt, Barack is looking at some hard times down the stretch, when Romney might be able to outspend him in key battleground states and pull out a few miracles courtesy of his magic underwear.

I still think that Barack is going to beat him handily as long as Eric Holder and his team put an end to the voter suppression being done by the GOP. But a Barack victory, as beautiful as it may be, comes with some ugly consequences.

There are two scenarios that will play out during this election cycle and both are good for the GOP and the Citizens United ruling. It’s a win/win for Conservatives no matter what happens in November.

Scenario 1 – If Mitt Romney raises more money than Barack Obama and gets elected citizens United will never come close to being overturned because the Supreme Court Justices that retire during the next 4 years will be replaced by more conservatives and there is no way that they will overturn the ruling. There needs to be a left leaning court to get the decision reversed and the only way that will happen is if Barack wins again. So if Mitt wins, Citizens United wins.

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