People Kill People!

gun flagFirst I’d like to say that my heart goes out to the families that lost loved ones in the senseless massacre that occurred in Newtown on Friday Dec 14th. May The Most High bless the remainder of your days and comfort you when those days become dark and you don’t feel like being here anymore. Know that there will be brighter days!

Now with that out of the way! Guns don’t kill people, people kill people is the going right wingnut statement of attrition when acts like what happened in Newtown occur. They always say it’s really not the guns, it’s the people. The truth of the matter is they are right to some degree, because I’ve never seen a gun walk up to someone and kill them, but I have seen a person with a gun walk up to someone and kill them. Maybe we need to tweak that statement just a little bit to; Guns don’t kill people, people with Guns kill people! That would be a lot more accurate!

We can stop the BS talking point in its tracks right there and move on to more pressing issues. The problem in America is twofold, well actually threefold, but one of them has to do with gangs. The other two are what we need to debate. We already know gangs are a menace to society and what causes gang violence, but it’s the other two things that need to be focused on here.

1) Over abundance and the ease of acquirement of weapons with only one purpose, death. And 2) The rampant mental illness that is way too common in the US. These two factors are the reason so many gun deaths occur in our nation outside of gang related shootings. Continue reading