Bain Capital for President!

Does anyone else see what Romney is planning on doing if he gets in office? Take his tax plan for instance. It’s been proven that the immediate result of it will be upwards of $4 pushing on $5 trillion dollars in additional debt. Absent of knowing how it will be deficit neutral, we can only speculate on how he intends on making up this $5 trillion dollars in lost revenue when he brings down the tax rate to 20% across the board. Even after speculation it stills leaves $1 trillion unaccounted for, but that’s not even the real issue here.

The real issue is that Romney touts his experience in the free market as why he’s more than capable of running the United States of America. Sounds good when you look at the fact that he has become tremendously rich from doing so and is still owner, if only by “trust” as he says, of Bain Capital, which is a multibillion dollar corporation.

But when you take a look at what Bain Capital and its subsidiaries did to get to the point that they are at today, then Mitt Romney’s venture to become the next POTUS is a bit disturbing to say the least.

  • His company was a “pioneer in outsourcing” jobs to countries across seas
  • His company is in the business of buying failing companies, laying off 1000’s of employees, and loading them up with tremendous debt to pay bonuses to investors and extract the profit that they sought before they try to turn the company around
  • His company does this even if the corporation they purchased never gets back to profitability and goes bankrupt, they still make off like fat rats

This has been the Bain Capital way and it has proven highly successful for his investors and himself. So here’s what you need to understand. If Mitt Romney gets elected, he will do the US the exact same way.

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“Job Creator” or Greedy 1%’er

Over the past week this platinum grade asshole, (seen in the pic to your left) has been getting media attention because he, 1. Is trying to drum up attention for his wife’s new reality show, and 2. He wants the world to know how much of a douche bag he really is.

David Siegel, the owner of Westgate Resorts, a timeshare company worth $100’s of millions to billions of dollars, whose net worth is in the high $100’s of millions these days, is intimidating his employees with being fired if Obama is re-elected. He claims that he’s not trying to tell them that that they need to vote for Romney but when you read his letter, he’s saying you need to vote for Romney, or you might end up unemployed. Because like a spoiled kid, if he loses he’s taking his jobs away from y’all and might just close the company for good.


“You see, I can no longer support a system that penalizes the productive and gives to the unproductive. My motivation to work and to provide jobs will be destroyed, and with it, so will your opportunities. If that happens, you can find me in the Caribbean sitting on the beach, under a palm tree, retired, and with no employees to worry about.” Read the whole letter here!

So a “job creator” who builds a 90,000 sq ft home and has 7000 employees, which by the way is 5000 less than before the recession, is willing to close a profitable business, that has had some of its best economic years ever, under the Obama administration, if Obama wins again! Let’s be mindful that Obama walked into a disaster zone and was tasked with cleaning it up and making sure that the country got back on track.

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15 Reasons to hate on Obama………….. If You’re Ignorant!

1) He’s been married too long, to the same woman – Dude been married way too long to the same chick, I would have been got divorced and married Diamond from the Crime Mob or something, she thick joe!

2) He married his baby mama – This dude be trippin, he marry the chick then get her pregnant. Where they do that at?

3) He got a college degree – How you gone go to college, get a degree, and then get a law degree, when he could have been hustlin that white. Jay Z worth way more money than him and he got the baddest chick in the game wearing his chain.

4) He’s never been to jail – What kind of nigga aint been to jail, his bitch ass prolly a snitch. That’s why he told where Bin Laden was, got that nigga shot in the face.

5) He got money but he not blinging – Dude got all that money but don’t wear no diamonds or jewelry. He a lame, shit I’d have at least 2 Chainz and some quarter sized black diamonds in my ears for real tho.

6) He married a Black woman – Then to top it off he married a black chick. He half black, got money and went to school, why he messin with that Black chick!

7) He doesn’t wear his pants saggin – This cat be walkin around wearing suits, and ties like he somebody. He better get with the program, we gangstas around here, Chitown baby. At least he could let his suit pants sag like Nas did in that video, that was some real shit!

8) He didn’t try to make the NBA even though he can hoop – Man, bruh’s lefty jumper on point plus he can drive to the basket, he should of tried to make it to the NBA and get that real gwap, book money aint got shit on baller money!

9) He not black enough – Dude not even Black tho, he mixed any way, he ain’t been through the struggles that us Blacks been through. Man Jesse and Al marched with King, they should have been the first black president. His mother white anyway and he lightskinnededed!

10) He won’t cater to a black agenda – He won’t tell us what his Black agenda is, he need to let us know what he doing for us, cause he aint did shit for me!

11) He aint said nothing about reparations yet – Dude aint said nothing about reparations, firt black president and he aint even said one word about reparations. He don’t want to give it to us cause he aint really black!

12) He aint got a pitbull – What kind of dog is that any way. A bitch ass dog, he should of got a Pit or a Rotweiler. That shit would be cold, the president standing there with a blue pit, cholly that right there!

13) Air Force 1 aint on dunks yet – He could have at least put Air Force 1 on some 30’s or 40’s or something, like on Soul Plane, that’s some boss shit!

14) He should have been painted the white house black by now – Man if I was in the white house the first thing I would have did was paint the white house black. It would have been the black house niggas, with a basketball court on the front lawn, man I would have been throwing card parties and err’thang!

15) He should have picked jesse Jackson as his running mate – Man if he would have picked Jesse Jackson, if they kill him then it would be another black man to take his place, see that’s some smart shit!

If you didn’t recognize this as satire, kill yo’self……. seriously! 🙂

The Divided States of America

It just dawned on me what republicans are hinting at when they call Obama a dividing force in America.

At first I just listened to the words politically and thought that they were trying to reference the fact that he’s Democrat and they are Republicans. This view spawned the usual response from the political pundits when they heard it.

“The President has been trying to work with Republicans and reach across party lines to get things done,” is what Democrats say, “It’s the Republicans who are not trying to bring the political parties together”.

The Republicans on the other hand continue to say that this President is a dividing force in America, no matter how much the President tries to work with them. This has been the narrative and it continues to be a Republican talking point.

Then today, as I was listening to Politically Direct on Current TV, they played a few sound bites from Romney who had won the New Hampshire primary the night before and it hit me.

There are 2 things that came to mind when hearing it, and both lean to the side of race baiting, a play on the inherent bias of white Americans against Black Americans. I always wondered how so many Right wing Republican hypocrites could have the audacity to say that a man who has continued to try to work with them to the detriment of his own base could be considered a divider and this is why.

  1. White Superiority Complex – White men in this country have always viewed Black men as their subordinates, beneath them, no matter who they are or what they do. Because of this they view anything that a Black man does that doesn’t bend to the there will as being an attack on their white manhood. A Black man that is out of line and doesn’t bend to the will of a white man when instructed to do so is considered a rebellious, cocky negro, who thinks he’s somebody, and they cant have that.This gives rise to the mentality that if you don’t obey their every whelm and I do something to you, it’s your fault. As in, this uppity Negro thought he could sit at the same table as us whites, and when we told him to move, and he didn’t, we grabbed him by the neck and beat him to a bloody pulp. It was his fault; he should have done what we told him to do!
  2. It’s a way for them to let other white people know, without having to say it plainly, that Obama has whites going against whites. And as a white man who has a superiority complex, this is not right. White people need to stick together. Continue reading