The Best Winner Ever, Believe Me!

trump-failedThink about this:
When you are considered to be one of the first people, the actual first in New York, to hire a female head of construction, that means that you would have put her in a unprecedented position within that industry, which means that would have helped her to elevate herself within the industry, which also means that she would owe a lot of her success in that industry to you for giving her that first big break, right.

But then you run for president and that same person doesn’t endorse you as her candidate, that really says a lot about who you are. Mark Cuban said something a while back about how great business men will always have a long line of people that they’ve helped make successful who will vouch for them, and Trump doesn’t have any.

He’s been in business for four decades and the only people that vouch for him impacting their lives through his great business acumen are his kids!
Everyone that vouches for him are employed by him, not people that he mentored who went out and became great businessmen, but people that can be fired for not supporting him. Really just think about that, how good of a businessman can he really be if no one has become a great businessman because of him, besides his kids? Which is a given! But guess what, they’re succeeding just like him, trading off their name.

The only way Donald has ever made money is by tricking people into believing that the Trump name is synonymous with success, all the while he’s being sued by the people he’s doing business with.

He’s been involved in at least 3500 lawsuits involving himself or one of his businesses, 150 of those dealing with bankruptcy. 1900 as a plaintiff, another 1450 as a defendant. Some would say that 1900 is because he’s been done wrong, but keep in mind that one of his business tactics is to tie cash strapped contractors up in litigation to force them to accept whatever crumbs he wants to give them, this is widely known, he’s even spoken about it.
He literally sued, then withdrew a lawsuit against Bill Maher for saying he’d give him $5 million dollars if he could prove that his father wasn’t an orangutan! How petty do you have to be to do something like that when he knew it was a joke? Had Bill been a lot less cash positive, and couldn’t defend him self in court for just as long as Trump, I guarantee he would’ve never withdrew the suit!

All in all, I don’t see a successful businessman when I see Trump, I see a rich kid trading off his family name who’s businesses outside of the family real estate empire have all gone down in flames.

The only way any of them are still in business is because he uses them at his hotels, and resorts, other than that no one would use them at all!
Show me a kid that had a rich father with name recognition within a specific industry that wasn’t able to follow in their fathers footsteps within that industry and be successful. Those that do fail are few and far in between, they’re the exception, not the rule! If Bill Gates son wasn’t able to be successful at Microsoft, then Bill Gates was completely incompetent in the raising of his child, period!

Now tell me if I’m making this up!

Still Serve and Protect!

Over the past few years I’ve heard an echo growing stronger and getting louder every time a Black man is shot by a police officer, and its not what you think. It’s not #HandsUpDontShoot, it’s not #JusticeOrElse, and it’s not #BlackLivesMatter, it’s “if we don’t stop killing each other, they wont stop killing us”!

This disturbing trend is becoming more and more commonplace on social media sites every time a Black man is murdered by a cowardice piece of shit racist cop. Every comment thread will have some racist white person saying he got what he deserved and a bunch of ass backward negro’s saying that if we don’t respect ourselves why should they respect us.

Well for one, it’s their job! They’re supposed to Protect and Serve the public; nowhere in their job description states that they need to RESPECT us first. Nowhere in their job description states that they are the judge, jury, and executioner. But it does state that they are supposed to apprehend suspects and let the prosecutors present a case where the jury determines if they’re guilty.

They are supposed to respect the law, and if they do that they’ll never kill someone that is not trying to kill them first! And the incidences that bring about anger and protest are the ones that are clearly known to be police acting as the judge, jury and executioners.

But what’s strange about this is that this usually only plays out when the murdered individual is Black! We rarely ever see a white cop playing all the roles when it comes down to a white individual, for some odd reason they RESPECT the law and lives when the person looks like them. Over 80% of all white people that are murdered are murdered by other white people! They kill each other all the time, but we never see white people saying that cops wont respect white lives as long as white people don’t respect white lives.Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 9.28.49 PM

Why do you think that is?

Well I’ll tell you, its because even though white people kill each other all the time, those same white cops still RESPECT white lives, its evident because they don’t kill white people at the same rate that they kill Black people! So us respecting ourselves, and Black on Black crime has nothing at all to do with why some cops don’t RESPECT our lives!

They don’t respect our lives because they are racist and they believe that a Black life is not as valuable as a white life, plain and simple! It’s been like that since we were stolen from our homeland and shipped around the world as slaves! There’s no way we can change that by RESPECTING ourselves! As long as there are racist who infiltrate police departments, it doesn’t matter what we do, they’ll continue to kill us if they can keep getting away with it.

There’s been no time in our history where our RESPECT for one another stopped racist white people/cops from killing us. They simply don’t care about that, they just hate Black people and when given a chance to harm one they will, especially when they can hide behind a badge and the “fear for their lives”. And as I said the only way they will stop doing it is if they are held accountable, and even then some will still do it!






Sterling Reputation

Donald SterlingDonald Sterling has been in the news over the past few weeks because of racist remarks recorded by his girlfriend/“archivist”. She lead him into a conversation that saw the 80 year old owner of the Los Angeles Clippers spew hateful rhetoric and then try to justify it by saying it’s just how it is.
This tape was eventually leaked, as they all are, and now we have a media storm surrounding him and what the players, coaches and NBA owners think about what should or should not have been done about what he said!
NBA brass stood up and fined him $2.5 million, banned him from having any affiliation with the NBA for life and stated that they would recommend that he be forced to sale the team! Yeah, victory!
Whelp, not so fast, he says he’s not giving up without a fight, but it’s proving hard to find council because his name is so toxic now! Law firms are afraid of being labeled as sympathetic to a racist so most of the big boys are declining what would be millions of dollars in revenues to steer clear of a sensationalized trial that would probably still lead to the inevitable, him being forced to sale the team.
In steps his wife, she claims that she should not be punished because of what Donald said, and that she should be able to purchase the team instead of someone else. What!
So in her mind, her owning the team, in California, a Community Property state, where all assets acquired while married are considered to be 50/50 for spouses, no matter who owns it, means that he doesn’t own the team! Who are you kidding, if you own it, he still owns it, thats simple.
I know that in a capitalistic society, you shouldn’t be forced to sale your company because you’re a racist, lets face it, half of the Fortune 500 owners would be selling but the NBA isn’t the same as a regular ole capitalist offering. They have rules and bylaws that govern the owners behavior as well as the players, and all levels of management.
The truth is, if the GM, CEO or President of any major corporation or any sports franchise, NFL, NHL, or MLB included made blatantly racist statements, they’d be fired also, and never would be able to associate with that sport again! (see Marge Schott)
So the fact that Sterling and his wife think that they shouldn’t be punished speaks volumes to their mentalities!
There is no way that he could think that what he said didn’t come from the mouth of a racist, as he claims that he likes helping Blacks, and Magic Johnson doesn’t, so how could he be racist!
White privilege has afforded him the life of, if I give to Black charities, but I think they stink and don’t want to rent to them, I’m not a racist!
If I objectify them and then brag about their beautiful Black bodies, like slave masters used to do, I’m not a racist!
If they work for me and they help me make $100’s of millions of dollars, and I articulate that as, “I clothe them, feed them, and buy them cars”, as opposed to, I pay them for performing a task, I’m not a racist!
Only a racist can see the comments that he has made since the incident as not racist!
He has a slave masters mentality and the business that he owns “just happens” to be a business that utilizes the athletic prowess and strength of the Black male to make money. As a Black male, knowing that my “owner” thinks of me in a similar fashion that slave owners thought about their slaves, would make me do exactly what they planned on doing. Refuse to play for the team unless something is done, and sorry Mrs Sterling, your reputation is intertwined with his, so that goes for you too! As if you didn’t know that he was a racist even though you were married to him for all those years. There’s no way on this planet that a man that would say the types of things he’s said to a half Black and Mexican to her face hasn’t spewed his vile racist opinions at the dinner table, in bed, or while watching TV, on numerous occasions. And no, the interview with Anderson Cooper didn’t help, unless he’s trying to play the senile old man card, and it still doesn’t absolve him from being a racist, he’s just a racist with dementia!


Interracial Relations

RGIIISo all of a sudden football player RGIII, Robert Griffin the 3rd, has been thrown into the spotlight by well meaning ignoramuses, well I hope they are well meaning, who’ve asked the age old question! Is it ok to date interracially? Within the last couple days I’ve seen about 10 blogs pop up about this because some backwards ass reporter devolved a conversation into, is RGIII really a brother, is he down for the cause?

Now all of a sudden people are talking race for no good reason. Who the hell cares if a black dude, who went to a white college, dated and fell in love with a white girl, decided that he wanted to marry her? Oh my bad, blacker than black people and white racist care, that’s who. And by the way blacker than black men are racist too, because if they held sway over white people they would be just as racist as the Klan. Continue reading

Locked Out or Chained Up

The NBA  lockout over the past few months has had me wondering. Is the NBA a modern day plantation or a fair and balanced medium that helps lots of would be lower and middle class black men become multi-millionaires?

On one hand; I’d like to believe that it has helped 1000’s of black men become wealthy
individuals over the past 50+ years, which it has done, but is it a case of them selling their souls to become rich? Young black men across the nation have been afforded an opportunity to go from a position in the permanent underclass to a position of wealth and prosperity by learning how to shoot a ball through a hoop. It sounds easy when being said, but it’s actually a very impressive feat when you take into account the fact that only 64 job openings become available each year. Then you will see why being a professional NBA player is a coveted position. 64 young mostly Black men vie for these positions every year and some go on to be multi-millionaires and national names. They get a chance to provide for their families, children, and friends for generations sometimes, unless they mess the money up, which a few have done recently. So at a glance, you can’t beat it. You get a chance to become rich, famous and sought after but the price becomes evident when you decide to buck the system.

One the other hand I can’t help but notice that every criteria used to evaluate a
potential NBA player is the exact same as the criteria used to evaluate the
slave when being sold at auction.  I can still remember the remarks from the Bulls Continue reading