Interracial Relations

RGIIISo all of a sudden football player RGIII, Robert Griffin the 3rd, has been thrown into the spotlight by well meaning ignoramuses, well I hope they are well meaning, who’ve asked the age old question! Is it ok to date interracially? Within the last couple days I’ve seen about 10 blogs pop up about this because some backwards ass reporter devolved a conversation into, is RGIII really a brother, is he down for the cause?

Now all of a sudden people are talking race for no good reason. Who the hell cares if a black dude, who went to a white college, dated and fell in love with a white girl, decided that he wanted to marry her? Oh my bad, blacker than black people and white racist care, that’s who. And by the way blacker than black men are racist too, because if they held sway over white people they would be just as racist as the Klan. Continue reading