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I’ve been hearing a lot of women complain about the fact that men can have one night stands and not be thought of any different, but when women do it they get labeled as loose, or as hoes. It’s always the same criticism, why can’t we do it with no problem, why the double standard, blah, blah, blah?

I’m not going out on a limb here when I say the women who are angry about this double standard have to be loose and feel as if they are hoes by the standard of what people think are hoes.

This one has always been strange to me because it’s basically saying; I want to be able to have sex with anybody, anytime, and with as many people as I want, and I want you to not care about it and treat me like men are treated when doing this same thing. Fair enough, but what you all fail to realize is that just because you think things “should be” a certain way means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

You are trying to convince 100% of men to think the way you want them to think and that’s not going to happen, ever! You may get a small percentage to say it’s cool to have sex with a bunch of dudes and they may treat you the same, but the vast majority are not going to do it.


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When #Winning Isn’t Really Winning

News Flash. Just because a man wants to have sex with you does not mean that he wants you to be his woman or that he will try to make you his woman. This goes doubly for loose women.

Over the past few months I’ve been seeing the topic that the hoes are winning in 2011 being posted on blogs and forum boards across the Internets. It’s usually accompanied by a picture of a NBA or NFL player, rapper or other celebrity in entertainment being up close and personal with what most women will call an industry hoe.

You see all kind of comments and criticism against the couple because he, the baller, shouldn’t be making a hoe his woman. Then maybe a few months later you never see any more pictures of them together.

A classic example was when Hill Harper was spotted out and about with Dolicia Bryan, a video vixen and model. Women across the web were livid that this so called intellectual was dating what they call a booty model. Then a bunch of stories sprang up about how she was an industry jump-off and all around hoe. Most of the women that were complaining were educated Black women, who felt betrayed, for some insane reason, that an educated Black man would date a booty model. As if he had to date an educated Black woman because he went to school. These women were livid, spewing their venom across blogs left and right, all because they felt like he should have been dating educated women such as themselves. They never stopped to think that this woman wasn’t ugly by any stretch of the imagination and they really didn’t know the extent of the relationship they had. They just went in on them and made it into a hot topic.

Not long after that, you didn’t see them together anymore. Case closed; chalk one up for Internet antagonist. Well not quite true!

The real question here is what were Hill Harpers intentions in the first place. Take a stab in the dark. If the answer is, he wanted to have sex with her, then you’re right, anything else is dead wrong. Continue reading