The Real Scandal

scandalIt’s Thursday night in the US and Black women across the nation are gearing up to watch the season premiere of Scandal. For those not familiar, (those that have lived under a rock for the last few years) Scandal is a runaway hit show on ABC whose lead character is a Black woman that does crisis management in DC. It’s “loosely based” on a real woman named Judy Smith who served as a press during the second Bush administration.

The leading storyline for the show that has so many Black women watching and loving is Olivia Pope, the lead character, is having an illicit affair with the POTUS. And supposedly they are both deeply in love with one another, therefore making the affair ok in the eyes of the Black women who hoard around TV sets and have Scandal parties, so that they are able to converse with like minded Scandal lovers during the broadcast.

When asked about their love of the show, all but a few will quickly point out that they love it because Olivia is a tough, respected, business minded, independent woman, who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go out and get it. Bravo for her, I feel you all on that! Olivia is someone that Black women can look up┬áto, especially knowing that the character is actually based off of a Black woman who was the things and more. I’m cool with that. Continue reading