Stand Your Ground Trayvon Martin

As this story has been unfolding over the past month something is being lost in translation. We’re wearing our hoodies, we’re calling for justice and we’re angry that the system has failed us once again.

Black activist and leaders like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Tavis Smiley, Cornell West, and others have spoken out, and even President Barack Obama waded in on this tragedy that has galvanized the African American populace across the nation. The New Black Panther party has even put an ill advised $10k bounty on George Zimmerman’s head, because if something happens to him the BPP will be blamed for it and will be promptly arrested which will bring tension to it’s highest point since OJ’s trial. And still something has been looked over in the narrative that is unfolding.

Even with Geraldo Rivera’s idiotic, down right hypocritical stance against the hoodie no one has mentioned that George Zimmerman was the aggressor. By his own admission in the 911 call, when he told them that he was following Trayvon, he should have been pegged as the aggressor, arrested and locked up for first degree murder.

The law that police say is keeping them from arresting Zimmerman should be applied to Trayvon Martin with 100% impunity.

He was walking to his relative’s house, a man in a truck was following him, he stopped and looked at the man, continued to walk and the man continued to follow him. He then ran from the man, at which time the man, Zimmerman, got out of his car and pursued Trayvon Martin between homes until he finally caught up to him.

At which time Trayvon Martin Stood His Ground.

A scuffle ensued and Zimmerman was bested by the teenager, by one unidentified witnesses account, and then Zimmerman shot him. The other two witnesses saw the incident after the gunshot, as they said that they saw Zimmerman standing over the lifeless body of Trayvon Martin.

The moment that Zimmerman decided to follow Trayvon, he became the aggressor and when he got out of his truck to continue to pursue him, even after the 911 operator told him that the police did not need him to do that, he was the aggressor. If you are not a police officer and I run from you and you chase me, you are the aggressor.

Trayvon was fleeing a man in a truck that was following him; this man was not a police officer.     This man had no reason at all to even try to make a citizens arrest, as Trayvon was not doing anything illegal. He was not suspicious looking, George Zimmerman was suspicious looking. I’ve told my kids if any one tries to follow you run home and get me. If any body drives up to you and says something to you, and you don’t know them, run home and get me. I’ll take care of them, and if they catch up to you and grab you, fight with all you have to get away, yell, scream, kick, bite, do whatever it takes to draw attention to you and the aggressor. I let them know that they have the right to defend themselves.

This is what Trayvon Martin did before he was shot in the streets by a delusional police wannabe. He knew this man was up to no good, he was afraid for his life and he ran to get away. But this over-zealous, aggressive man in a truck, with a callous heart for “these people that always get away with it”, was not going to let this person, Trayvon Martin, “get away with it”, not this time

Peace and Blessings to the Family of Trayvon Martin Who Stood His Ground, and will live on forever in the hearts and minds of people that never met him, but were touched by his heroic deed.

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  1. I think you hit the nail squarely on the head. Everyone is running off at the mouth about the Stand Your Ground law, when actually it was Trayvon Martin who was standing his ground and fighting to save his own life. Sadly, he was not successful, and now we await justice. Had Trayvon been armed, he might have prevailed, but then he would be even more vilified than he already is, painted as an armed thug instead of just as a thug. I don’t see how he could win in this situation.

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