Church Tithing #BestHustleEver

After reading a post on FB this morning about Black Churches collecting $3 billion in tithes every Sunday I decided to do a little research. I already knew that Black Churches collect a lot of money on Sunday’s but $3 billion seemed a bit outlandish. After a quick search I found that those numbers were way too high but came across more realistic numbers that are still high but far less than the $3 billion that I had read about earlier.

In one report I read that the Black Church has taken in upwards of $420 billion in revenue since 1980. 32 years $420 billion, that’s approximately $13.125 billion dollars a year which comes out to which comes down to $252.4 million dollars per week. Are you F’ing kidding me?

$252 million dollars per week is an astronomical figure. In 2011 the Black Church collected over $14 billion in tithes which is $875 million higher than average. So in these tough economic times we still find enough money to prop up these churches with almost a billion more in offerings.

Am I the only one that sees a problem with this? Am I the only one that thinks that this issue needs to addressed by the Black community as a whole? I doubt it so if you are reading this and think like I do, please pass this on.

Based on last year’s numbers of roughly $14 billion in collections, that breaks down to $269.2 million dollars per Sunday being pumped into the Black Church economy.

Where does it all go? Do churches need that type of money to operate?

If half of that money was being put back into the economic development of the African American communities that it came from, we’d be seeing nothing short of a new age renaissance. But unfortunately it’s being used for other purposes like:

-Church building funds, a legal way for the church to carry over unspent revenue into the new year to avoid IRS scrutiny.

-Pastor what’s his names new Bentley, because GOD, in my best T D Jakes voice, wants him to live like a king, because he’s doing GOD’s work, hallelujah!

-Into legal defense funds because PastTha Under Privileged Youth, likes to take young boys on “special faith building” vacations.

-Or into Clepto Dollars new G5, because the Almighty wants us all to be rich, so make him rich and GOD will miraculously make you rich.

But what people fail to see and understand is that, these dudes aren’t waiting for miracles to fund their lifestyles, they don’t have to pray day in and day out to make their ends meet. They’re getting rich off God, not from God! They get up and tell their congregation that it’s their duty to give 10% of their money to the church and God will give it back to them 10 fold, but the vast majority of people that do this week in and week out, never see this happen for them. Yeah every so often they might get lucky and get a few unexpected dollars, but for the most part they’re living from check to check in massive debt, waiting for a miracle.

$14 billion dollars can:

– buy 93,333 homes valued at $150,000

– pay for tuition up to $15,000 per year for 933,333 college kids or 1,866,666 @ $7500 per year

– feed every homeless person in America for a year

You get the picture right. We give that much money to “God” every single year and God never gives it back 10 fold, because if he did then there would be no poor Black people, so something is wrong with this assumption!

Oh wait, maybe I have to die to get it. That’s the best hustle on this planet; if you don’t get it here on earth, you’ll get it when you die and go to heaven. And it just so happens that not one person in the history of this planet has died, went to heaven, and came back to tell everybody that it’s true; when you die you get treasures in heaven. Even though the bible states that you need not material things in heaven, so um, what exactly am I supposed to get when I die? C’mon Mr. Preacher Man, tell me! You’re hell bent on having all the finer things in life while you’re here, not in heaven, but you keep your parishioners focused on the getting it in heaven so they won’t complain about the wealth that you are building for you and your family.

Here’s a question for you, why does GOD need money? Men need money to build bigger churches and buy lavish things to trick you into thinking that GOD favors them because they are preachers. It’s BS, everything that your pastor strives for, the one you call Jesus whose real name was Yashua, was against when it came down to being a man of GOD. If he came back tomorrow damn near every preacher in Christianity would get a quick trip to hell, and that’s what’s up. More to come on the Black Church later!


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  1. I totally agree with you on this I am only giving what I can afford lights,rent,and food is a nessecity in this world and it does not say in the bible live in the dark,let your lights go off for my sake or don’t buy no food truly I would like to see the pastors do better with all that money! Thanks for opening this door.

  2. The biggest money makers of today society are PROSTITUTES, POLITIANS AND P A S T O R S! There are churches on every other block of our communities but yet they have little to no effect on the communities! Instead of getting out in the communities and accessing their needs they are too busy hiding behind the pulpits of the churches aiding and assisting the GREEDY! The church house has been crowded long enough with ‘churchfolk’–where are they in the communities? what are they doing to better the communities and become a part of the communites? its obviously hard when most churchfolk or pastors in the communities of big churches live on the ‘other’ side of town as the communites—so why should they care? its sad to the way our communities have lack of respect for the church/religious leaders of today….when Dr King, Shuttersworth and others march themselves with the people of the communities and they helped to bring a about a change in the communities, they helped to renew the minds of the people so that they WANTED to do better and be better…in todays society the attitude is “everybodys doing it” so why should there be a need for change”…..if more people would get out the four walls of the institutionalized churches of today and put their time, talents and tithes into helping others around them then they would have accomplished the purpose for which the church was founded was founded!

    • Prostitutes aren’t the biggest money makers. Far from it. Religion and banking pays the most.

      • No way to do an accounting of the prostitutes but there are a lot of them out there. Sex sells every hour of every day…im just saying

  3. its interesting when the bible was written… when tithes was paid.. it was actually paid to the high priests.. who were among the government. and played the role of treasurer.. and was used to help the people and society of which it was paid too…

    in modern day it could be said.. technically.. our tithes are paid in form of tax.. which we pay to the government to help the society we live in.

    we all pay tax.. so what really is the need of ‘tithes’ that are paid to churches.. that dont contribute to the society ?

    so many churches ..dont have charities.. dont have schools.. dont have any type of organisation that contributes positively to society.. so what really is the point of tithes.

    • The problem with that is churches aren’t part of the government, thank goodness, and the churches that are collecting big bucks aren’t doing much to help their members. They’re spending a lot off it on large buildings, flashy Christian concerts, political contributions, and themselves (the leaders). Smaller churches do more for their communities than churches that house 500+ people and besides, what’s a few turkeys and dinners really doing? I can purchase food for others myself.

  4. Hi. Two things:

    1) The New Testament has no record of Christians tithing, and no instructions to Christians to tithe. There are multiple references to Christian giving, but none to Christian tithing.

    2) I saw the story about Black churches collecting $420 billion since 1980, and tried to verify the info, with no success. I also ran some numbers, as you did, but reached a different conclusion. Please take a look:

  5. OK IF not the PROSTITUTES then so many of the so called ‘churches’ and banking institutions are definately—–the PIMPS? you have a point it…. it aint the prostitute that make the profits!

  6. Everyone has an opinion about church/religion/ tithing…..all I’m saying be careful what you put out their,especially when it comes to God because if information is wrong you will be accountable….every tongue will CONFESS and every knee shall bow….now do you know what can people really need to do…here it ok…..WE NEED TO STOP KILLING EACH OTHER…YOU HAVE TO CRAWL BEFORE YOU WALK…..HELLO!!! IF YOU CONTINUE TO WIPE OUT YOUR OWN RACE…..NOTHING ELSE REALLY MATTERS….SMDH

    • Mumbere Muhasa Jeremiah
      People today have left the the purpose of the gospel. why do we believe the gospel?. we do not believe the gospel to be rich of this world but to be spiritualy rich Matthew5:8 (2)We do not believe the gospel to get physical healing but spiritual healing that is be heald from sin. Jesus said, “you shall die in your sins if you believe not that i am the one John8:24. (3)We believe the gospel to get everlasting life John3:16. (4) Apostle Paul said “if we die were of the Lord and if we live we are of the Lord Romans14:8. Now i rather be worldly poor but rich in the Lord. i rather die but being live in Lord!. Those who preach the gospel of making people rich are not preaching the gospel of Christ, But serve their own belly Romans16:17-18. Why?. Becouse they sale the word of God. Apostle Paul said we are not as many which are peddling the word of God 2Corinthians2:17. so friends believe Christ not miracles, physical healing and richs of the world because the sorcerer can do them.

  7. I’ve said it more than once before. we always hear it “support black business”…Yet the church is the biggest business of all. If black churches bring in that much money, then we should be able to support black schools, build black neighbor hoods and black business without overtly relying on the government.

    I’m appalled that we as black people give that much to the church and yet these same churches do not come together to create positive experiences for black people as a whole.

  8. The bible clearly tells us to be cheerful givers to the church in 2 Corinthians 8 and in 1Timothy 5. The problem is that some greedy pastors do not use the tithing for the purpose it is to be used for; taking care of the widows and those in need. Choose a church that takes care of the needy.

    • Mumbere Muhasa Jeremiah
      People today have left the the purpose of the gospel. why do we believe the gospel?. we do not believe the gospel to be rich of this world but to be spiritualy rich Matthew5:8 (2)We do not believe the gospel to get physical healing but spiritual healing that is be heald from sin. Jesus said, “you shall die in your sins if you believe not that i am the one John8:24. (3)We believe the gospel to get everlasting life John3:16. (4) Apostle Paul said “if we die were of the Lord and if we live we are of the Lord Romans14:8. Now i rather be worldly poor but rich in the Lord. i rather die but being live in Lord!. Those who preach the gospel of making people rich are not preaching the gospel of Christ, But serve their own belly Romans16:17-18. Why?. Becouse they sale the word of God. Apostle Paul said we are not as many which are peddling the word of God 2Corinthians2:17. so friends believe Christ not miracles, physical healing and richs of the world because the sorcerer can do them.

  9. I AM IN FULL AGREEMENT with the comment regarding the “support” of the black church and lack of support to our schools, communities, elderly, and some veterans that are obviously being overlooked and lack the full support of so many able churches that sit on every other corner of or communities! But WHERE are they IN the communities! I am NON-DENOMINATIONAL and for the most part on a Wednesday or Sunday you can find me and my child either in a nursing home, a senior citizen living facility or tutoring some children that are failing in school! I don t understand the concept of ‘being’ in a church building everytime the door open but WHERE are you in the communities every day of the week? Not just at Christmas time or Thanksgiving! People have to eat ALLyear round! People need an encouraging word or helping hand ALL year round! Children need tutoring/mentoring encouraged LOVED ALLyear round…….WE as a people have definately OVERCOME a lot but we have began to also OVERLOOK the NEEDY being more supportive to the GREEDY…..

  10. You all are being misguided and misinformed. Let’s compare the church to the average household…

    1). Think about the number of people in the average household and the amount of money spent on neccessities like toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and Kleenex per month. Multiply that along with its cost times the millions of people that gather in churches every week.
    2). Think about the cost of printed materials and resources that the millions of congregants receive every week. Surely paper, toner, industrial printers, and maintenance for industrial printers are not free.
    3). Everyone loves when they can escape the elements and hear the word of God in the comfortable and clean church auditorium, but utilities such as heating, air, lights, water, garbage disposal, and cleaning fees cost money, especially when you are paying commercial rates.
    4). Everyone loves to be “ushered into the spirit” by the worship team, and their band of musicians. Wait… Sound systems are extremely expensive. Microphones always need replacing. Instruments require maintenance and replacements. To top it off, most of the congregants with musical talent won’t play without being paid a salary, and if the volunteer they won’t stay committed.
    5). Millions of people participate in partaking of the holy sacraments each week. The church has to pay for those.
    6). The new age church member seemingly cannot experience true worship without being up-to-date with technology. So, computers, wifi for their electronic bibles, internet for emails, church websites and apps, projector screens and worship software, and all the maintenance and fees that go along with it must be paid for.
    7). The mission of the church is outreach and missions, right… That cost money! Food, clothing, resouces, travel and resources for missionaries all cost tons of money.
    8). Sometimes we all need a little help. Bills get behind, family members pass away, or some unforeseen event occurs. It is the churches job to have a benevolence fund to help those in need, right? Sorry, we can get any help if nothing gets donated. Remember… Nonprofit organization.
    9). We all like to have guest appearances from our favorite evangelists from time to time. Unfortunately without money to finance their travel and accommodations, that can’t happen.
    10). All of the “help” that churches have to pay for to clean and fix and serve because the beloved congregants won’t volunteer their time, resources, and talents have to be paid for.

    The thing is that this study is inaccurate without taking into consideration the expenses required by church members too. When this is done most of the time we will realize that the church is usually in a deficit at the end of each year.

    • All that sounds good, but I’ve sat in on a church meeting where the church pulled in over $1.2 million in donations for the year and the vast majority of that, about $700k was being held over in a building fund so they could build a bigger church, $700k in profits but most of the congregation was poor. Ive seen a church buy buildings and land for church purposes and tear down the structures on them and build parking lots, untaxed parking lots where buildings used to be, I can go on and on, but you get the picture right!
      They siphon money out of the community but never help to bring jobs back to the community.

  11. As always, people are generalizing and don’t know what they’re talking about. You see a handful of high profile folk doing what you see as taking advantage, but you have no clue what they really do. You don’t attend these churches or know these pastors – all you know is they seem to be living too well for your taste. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were hatin’ on folks who have more than you do. I don’t see you complaining about corporate raiders or hedge fund charlatans or entertainers or CEOs who live like King George but don’t do anything in their communities, and those folks traffic in dollars by the billions that make church revenue look like chump change…bunch of crabs..

    Statistically, the average church in America has well under 200 members, has a pastor who is bi-vocational (that means he/she has a day job and pastors evenings and weekends because the church cannot afford to engage him/her full time), and is very involved in community building, social activism, job programs, feeding the homeless and so on. “Mega” churches – the obvious target of your misguided rant – make up WAY less than 1% of churches and contain a tiny fraction of all Christians. Are there crooks and krazies? Sure there are, but quit trying to throw a negative label on everybody in that profession because of the misdeeds of a handful. I work with pastors in my practice, and the overwhelming majority of them are doing it right – loving on on people, teaching the Word, helping people through their drama and helping make their communities better. Shame on you for all these idiotic assumptions you’re making because you see a nice house or a fancy car… #doyourhomework #quithatin

    • I simply highlighted the mega churches, the numbers are for all churches, and regardless of the size they siphon money away from the Black community and we never see it again. They take away from the tax base in the community also and then we wonder why local governments stay cash negative, and our communities stay in dilapidated conditions!

  12. smh… I really hate to think that ppl think they church is hustling folk…

    a. who do they think pay the bills for the church? some magical being that has money available to pay lights, gas, water, etc? Example, look at some of those mega churches in Texas, you think those churches utility bills are small? Hell, even those churches have mortgages.

    b. I cannot account for all churches, but I know the churches I have been to, the pastor has a set salary per week.. They raise a love offering for him also and the love offering is just what it says… A offering!

    c. What musician plays for free? Some churches have full bands and they all should be paid. They have to be paid also! I guess they are pimping the church with their talent….

    d. what about the upkeep of the church? maintenance, lawn, snow, inside, cleaning, etc?

    The fact that these people can think and write things like this, show that they have absolutely no clue how a business is run… Period!

    • SMH that you think the church (The body of Christ) is or should be ran like a business…… I say lock the doors on all of these made made temples so people will stop going to church and become the church as Jesus taught. I will be praying for you.

  13. Malachi 3:10 – Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that [there shall] not [be room] enough [to receive it].
    I don’t know that GOD could have said it more plainly — HE considers the tithe as His own. We must remember that God owns everything, and that by His sovereignty HE gives us everything that we have. So if He says that part of our increase belongs to Him, who are we to argue with Him? HE is Sovereign HE sets the rules. NOW what the Church does with the Money is between the Church and GOD . If the money is misappropriated , GOD will deal with that Church for their Disobedience . The Tithe is to go to fix the breaches of the House ( GOD’S House ) feed the hungry, clothe the poor, house the homeless , shelter the Orphans , and Fund the mission of JESUS to spread the GOSPEL to every corners of the Earth . The issue is not how much money is collected , but what it is used for and as obedient followers of CHRIST we are to give first fruits of all our increase which is the Tithe . When we are obedient GOD will Bless us beyond what we can ever ask or think even in the most turbulent of times . When we are disobedient we reap a curse upon our own selves which we may never recover and that goes for all of GOD’S commandments . I am Living testimony that tithing works for me in my life .

  14. If God wants us to be rich, why did Jesus say a camel will go through the eye of a needle before a rich man will enter into the kingdom of heaven?

  15. Anyone can write an article with numbers that seem so astonishing that it blows minds. 420 BILLION hmmmph… since 1980… REALLY??? 35 year statistical span??… one might feel duped with language like “the black church”. Dont believe the hype. There are probably a million black churches in America. If thats the case… then each takes on an average of 420k annually. ( oh wait…! Thats 420k since 1980…. or14k per year! (See what i did there?) 

    These churches vary in size, staff, and hence expenses. But they all have lights… water… insurances… and most some salary of staff… pastors… administrators… musicians. After its all said and done, THE BLACK CHURCH is oftentimes operating on shoestring budgets. 

    Dont take a snapshot of a few megachurches and TV pastors and try to define the BLACK CHURCH with your those numbers and negativity. The bottom line is either you believe in GOD and His WORD… or not. 

    It may seem like to you that the BLACK CHURCH is not doing anything… because you dont sup with those who the church helps. I personally know dozens of people who couldnt survive or function week to week, were it not for their local community churches. 

    Give what you can… CHEERFULLY or keep ya lil nickels… because thats what they are , compared to God’s riches in Heaven. Real Christians aint tryna buy their way into heaven. Real Christians know that’s impossible… for that price has been paid. But i encourage you to get sooooo involved in trying to FIX any problem you believe exists that your work suffocates your negative, distorted view of reality. 

    Either you are a part of the solution-or you’re a part of the problem. Its kinda like Heaven and hell. There is no “in-between”.

    • $14 billion annually, thats what was reported and I know that when you deal with cash, over 10% of whats reported is being skimmed off the top, but I digress. There are approximately 320,000 churches in this country, thats all churches not just black, so you should have did that research for you posted about there being a million black churches. But the real issue here isn’t how many churches, the issue is $14 billion annually that never goes back into our communities, as if we don’t need it. Even if half of the money is reinvested then thats a $7 billion dollar fund that can help create 100’s of thousands of businesses, and if you can’t see that then you’re blind!

  16. To the person who did all this hard work researching and so forth tell us all what you are doing for the poor and the community etc. practice what you preach or shut up

    • What I’m doing isn’t what this is about, I just chose to shed light on the $14 billion annually that the church siphons out of the community while asking the congregation to pray for money and miracles!

  17. Jesus said “Upon this rock I will build my church: and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. So I say unto you, today, there is no place for tithes in the Lord’s church. Tithes were used, by God, to teach the children of Israel the difference between a real God, and the false gods; which is why he said ” prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, If I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.”
    Also tithes were under the law; but the Lords church is not under the law; but under grace and truth: meaning we are under the law of Christ. And since tithes are under the law, and Jesus is the fulfillment of the law: then when he uttered the words “it’s finished” he was closing the door on the old law and establishing a new law; in which there is no tithing. Therefore those who teach tithing and those who pay tithes are rejecting the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
    It is also said that “the just shall live by faith”. And paying tithes is not faith, but under the law tithes was an obligation to be paid to the Levites for the upkeep of the Lord’s house. Jesus did not preach tithes, and neither did any of his apostles. Tithes is a deception by which many innocent souls are being deceived. It is a part of the pastor’s salary, and should be taxed. It is also taking advantage of the vulnerable who lack understanding, and who fear God.

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