Arguing With Atheist!

Isn’t it considered a Logical Fallacy that atheist Believe that they don’t use Straw Man Arguments, Confirmation Bias and Correlation without Causation when debating about Theism. Logic and Reasoning should rear its head and stop them short but they continue to spew the same Dogma and have unwavering Faith that God does not exist, although they do not Know with any Certainty that He does not exist. They know that there is no Scientific Method that can produce Empirical data, for or against the Assumption, because Science does not seek to explain things other than the Material world. Yet Atheist assumes their position to be Fact and anyone on the other side of the equation is simply Ignorant. The Big Bang Theory, The Second Law of Thermodynamics and Evolution Theory are used as the basis of not believing in God, yet neither of these theories seeks to explain how Life came into Existence, only how life evolved after it came into Existence.

They Postulate that these theories Prove that God does not Exist and they seem to not understand that the very thing that they claim to be lords over, Logic and Reasoning, should catapult them backwards to being Agnostic, and saying “I Simply Don’t Know”. Instead of God does not Exist, the statement should be “I Believe That God Does Not Exist!”

And herein lies the lunacy; I (an atheist) needs Proof of Existence by using tools that do not seek, let alone claim to be able to Prove my position as true or false! But I want you (the theist) to Prove to me that your position is correct by using a method that I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt can not Prove what I ask of you! The Burden of Proof lies with the one making the claim of Existence, is what is said. This is how they shift burden from themselves and their position so that they can continue on without every truly explaining why they do not Believe.

Then they throw in the whole Dis-believe, or Non-Belief BS to hoist their Atheist flag to victory by claiming that Dis-Belief isn’t tantamount to saying I don’t believe, because saying I don’t believe is actually a positive affirmation in what one actually believes so they use word play to shift the burden from themselves unto the Believer.

They use the same words, phrases and understanding to arrive at their conclusion yet they claim there is no Atheist Dogma. Words like Belief, Faith and Dogma are considered dirty religious words in Atheism and are frowned upon and automatically associated with Theism. But the other non-religious definitions are cast out and they claim that they don’t use Confirmation Bias by only using the meaning of the word that prop up their argument, and then claim that this is not Disingenuous. But let a Theist do it and the Theist is willfully Ignorant and lacks Intelligence. Even though the Theist could be more intelligent in every other field than the Atheist, it all boils down to them being stupid because they Believe in God, as if the Atheist never believed at some point.

If you have ever debated an Atheist you will undoubtedly know exactly what I’m talking about, and you will recognize all the key words that I have capitalized as the very Rhetoric that is spewed within Atheist groups and on these pages on FB. The Atheist that I have ran across are like new Afrocentric brothers and sisters that come into some knowledge and then they expect everyone else to be like them, as if they were not ignorant a day ago. They boast the fact that God does not exist all while leaning on the crutch of, I don’t have to Prove that God does not exist. Is this not the same argument of the Christian that they assert every Theist to be in order to put Theist in a box. Believe blindly in Christ or Believe blindly in Science when it comes down to the argument of God, because using Science to disprove the existence of God is stepping out on Faith, period.

They’ll trot out unicorns, Santa Clause (miss-spelled on purpose), fairies and fairy tales to Prove their point all while never addressing the Elephant in the room, that they don’t Know if God Exist or not, they just Believe and have Faith that He does not!

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