Why I Hate Pit Bull Terriers

Last night, Sept 26 2012 a friend on Facebook posted a story in their feed about a Pit Bull attack that occurred in Texas. I’ve been meaning to write about Pits for a while and I decided to do it now, so here goes!

Pit Bulls are like trained wild animals, they’ll do your stupid pet tricks for so long and then snap and maul  anybody close to it to death. We’ve seen so many, when animals attack videos over the years everybody knows how it goes. The trainer is standing there, doing what they’ve been doing for years with a particular animal, and all of a sudden, snap. The tamed wild animal has a moment of clarity and it proceeds to do what it was born to do, rip a less fortunate animal into shreds. The less fortunate animal being a human being in these cases.

You noticed that I said a moment of clarity, because when a wild animal has been domesticated it has been confused by the trainer/master to think that he, the trainer, is more powerful than the animal. In its moment of clarity, the wild animal realizes that it really has the upper hand and proceeds to freeing itself from bondage. It happens over and over again, to the point that they now have plenty of shows on TV that highlight these occurrences.

I put Pit Bulls in this category because when they snap, they don’t just bite you a little, they maul you, and they go for the kill. They don’t want to leave you alive. It’s been bred into them so much over the decades that it’s impossible to know which ones have the killer instinct. You only find out when you look up and the Pit has a child in its grasp and refuses to let go.

I know that Pit Bull lovers will say, “Other dogs bite more than Pits”, and that may be true, but other dogs don’t try to rip your limbs off or use you as a rag doll. They are the only dogs that will lock onto a person and won’t let go even while adults are beating it with sticks or pipes. They’ll hold on until the pain is so excruciating for them that they have to let go and if it doesn’t get to the point of death for them, they’ll hold on until whoever or whatever they have in their grip dies.

This is what has been bred into these dogs over decades. They  have went from a domesticated animal to a trained wild beast because ignorant dog fighters wanted the toughest of the tough, so they could win money in one of the most inhumane ways possible, dog fighting.

When a dog wasn’t that tough, they were made to be bait for tougher dogs and then they were put out to pastor, ask Michael Vick! The toughest ones were and are treated like stud horses; they mate the toughest most brutal females with the toughest most brutal males and then try to tell us that Pits are the best pets out of all dogs.

Yeah, they might be loyal as hell to their masters, but the masters children and yours and my children seem to be fair play to these beast. One of these days you all will wake up, but unfortunately it will probably be the day that you go into your kids bedroom and find your “nice lovable” Pit Bull Terrier ripping your kid from limb to limb.

And that my friends is why I hate Pit Bull Terriers!

There should be legislation in all 50 states that classify them as extremely dangerous weapons and all Pit Bull attacks should be treated as attempted murder and the charges can be levied against the owner of the dog, not just a fine, but a felony punishable by having to be mauled by a Pit Bull, lbvs. I know they will never do the mauling part, but at least give 10 years for a mauling and life for a death by mauling and then let’s see how many of you will want a Pit as a pet, I’m just saying!

Editors Note 10/11/12: A Rottweiler tried to maul a little girl the other day and it was caught on film, but it still doesn’t exonerate Pit Bulls from my initial statements. As a matter of fact Rottweilers tend to be the second dog on the list of maulings, not just biting people but mauling people!

And for those who keep calling me names and are angry about my opinon, I own a boxer, a big muscular dog that has some strong jaws but for some reason never mauls people, let alone to death. Here are some of the reasons I have my opinion! And these are just the ones caught on tape!


117 thoughts on “Why I Hate Pit Bull Terriers

    • I know a lot of people with pit bulls as pets and they haven’t did anything wrong, my problem lies with the fact that when they do go after some one they don’t stop!

      • You’re completely wrong there. Any dog in any dangerous situation “won’t stop” Pit Bulls do not have “lock jaw”. You’re close minded & you need to spend time around the breed & dogs in general. More people go to the hospital with bites from Golden Retrievers & Cocker Spaniels. The statement “there’s no such thing as a bad dog just bad owners” is 100% true. Any poorly trained dog will act out & unfortunately pit bulls & other bully breeds are chosen for fighting (which doesn’t make any sense considering they were originally bred to be companion dogs) & these poor dogs get discriminated against by people like you. Please don’t ever open your mouth again unless you have straight facts.

        • Ok first of all he didn’t say “lock jaw”. Read it. He said they lock their jaws as in hold tightly.Hint: headlock. Anyway people go to hospitals for everything. OP’s concern is mauling, not biting for cryin out loud.

        • But his point is that the attacks from pit bulls actually cause the death of whoever they are attacking, because it has been bred into them to kill absolutely.

        • Do you understand opinion from fact? If it was fact he would be citing sources and all that, so there is no right or wrong here. This is someone who has the opinion that, perhaps, regardless of a pit bulls training, it has genetics and instinct that guide their decision making much more than humans, and they can’t control it. He’s not necessarily calling pits “bad” he’s expressing his opinion that having an animal that close to its instincts is dangerous, and shouldn’t be in a place around smaller animals and children, because regardless of your training and experience with them, other people don’t have the same body language as the trainer, which could even cause a dog to ‘snap’. It’s an unnecessary risk for a lot of people, and just because the owner doesn’t have the same risk doesn’t mean everyone else should be subjected to it. Perhaps you are a close minded prick for not seeing it from the point of view of safety. Funny how close mindedness goes both ways.

        • pitfalls are 6% of the dog population with an astounding 71% of deaths. Get your damn facts straight before you come out defending an animal that kills an american every 17 days!!.

    • I think you’re right I was a pitbull breed sweetest dogs I personally have a pit bull and never do anything bad now has three years and certainly not violent it depends on their bosses people and train them to be they are bad they are bad or violent I now have a great dog for socializing and playing. so that you are not right.

    • I do. Had a friend that had one. Ripped out two little girl’s throats one sunny afternoon. Nice dog other than that.

  1. Your a stupid dumbass dude first off pitbulls dont really lock there jaws they just have a powerful grip if they wouldnt let go all you have to do is put a finger between its gums and fish hook it I have been bit by a pitbull and used this exact method and they dont just snap there provoked or just a bad dog any dog is capable of it if there trained to be mean but I have owned pitbulls for twenty uears and can tell you when trained correctly and treated well there a great family dog but ehen trained wrong and abused they can most definitly be ruthless

    • First off, why do I have to be a stupid, dumb ass for voicing my opinion. Secondly, show me a kid that knows that they can release a pit bulls bite by sticking their finger in it’s mouth! The only people that know that are trainers and a few grown ups. I said they snap because who knows which one will get out and maul some one, and no owner ever admits that they raised the dog wrong. So tell me how the 3 month old baby provoked that pit to kill it a few weeks ago.

    • Most dogs aren’t great guard dogs unless they have tiarning. And chances are you won’t find a dog that’s awesome with kids but also be a fearsome guard dog. Sussex are supposed to be pretty laid back dogs and there’s no reason why they wouldn’t be good with kids. They’re not a very common breed and you may have trouble finding one.

    • It’s not the people but the chemical reactions in their brain. I mean if only they had not taken the red pill and come out of the matrix into the real world.

    • What an argument. You should run for president. I mean even Vladimir Putin would be dumb founded with your wit and vast knowledge.

  2. Your opinion is obvious to everyone that you have not had too much experience around dogs in general. Go to a dog park and observe the dogs behavior. You’ll see dogs you wouldn’t expect be vicious and the ones you’d expect the worse could also be the sweetest. I have two pit bulls and I love the look on people’s face when they realize just how sweet they are, and then you have the poodles and dalmatians that rip other dogs apart. My dog was attacked by a golden retriever to the point that the owner and I had to physically remove his dog and my pit was left bleeding, and you know what my dog did? Rolled over and took it and still tried to lick the other dog after. You should take you foolish writing off the internet because it’s crap like this that gives pits their bad name. A story about a pit hurting someone over any other dog will gain more attention, and that’s the sad truth. Dog’s act from experience. If they were raised to love then that’s all they know, if they were raised in an environment of hate then that’s what they will do.

  3. Even the picture you posted along with this article. Look at that dogs eyes and face, he has been wronged and just wants love.

    • Do you understand the definition of opinion and stating your point!!!… A calculating person would not risk his/her life with an animal bred to kill(other dogs yeah yeah, but that was the past. Don’t use that argument with the present). The apbt line has been dessimated. Let it go. Human lives matter more.

  4. This article is the dumbest article ive ever read. i have 2 pitbulls and they never have attacked me or mauled me to my death. you have got to be the dumbest motherfucker that has ever sat behind a keyboard. if i knew who you were i would be the shit out of you just for writing the dumbass piece of shit article

    • Your pits have gotten to your lingual skills. Not that it matters to you obviously. Anyway the future is all about chances. You can’t deny the chances of it happening exist. I won’t calculate it for you obviously. The chances of them mauling some innocent unlucky jackass to have lived near you are so high I feel sorry for the people within a radius around you. Again I’m not calculating it obviously.

  5. no one gives a shit about your opinions on pitbulls. Rottweilers, Dobermans, german sheperd and pitbulls are all the same shit. just for this article if you ever crossed my street i would let my pitbulls chase you so you can hate them even more, just for being a stupid dumbass motherfucker. no one give a shit about your opinion so writing this artice on pitbulls has been a complete waste of time in your part. i hope you get yo ass bitten by a dog.

    • Your best wishes for people in this world is eye opening. Been over protective lately? I am sure your pitbulls are your sweet hearts and someone else’s death in the making(small chances in this, yes?).

  6. Huh…, interesting opinion and I can relate with your igonorance, lack of experience, and general need to follow the American super sized opinion. I have similar views, but not those regarding the Pit dog. Mine are centered around the vicious Boxer. Yet another muscular stocky breed that is allowed to roam free around humans, masquerading as a tame domesticed animal. As we both know nothing is tame, and why we allow these overbreed Mike Tyson like beings into our home, I will never know. They’re just going to snap like you said and reek havoc on us, our community members and more importantly our children.

    Why own, hell why breed these monsters and then trickle them into society like a slow leak. You see Boxers don’t yet have the numbers in America like Pits do. Pits or Pit mixes are a dime a dozen…so 5 years ago Micheal Vick. There are roughly 4.5 million registered Pitbull Terriers out of around 76 million registered dogs. With over 300 different dog breeds that is a lot of Pits running around. No duh they are in the news, it like bragging and saying “Honey, an American white guy got a job today”. Who wants to hear that? Not me, I want to concentrate on the minorities, the silent but deadly breeds.

    This is why he Boxer is perfect, it was breed to fight, protect, and hunt. A killer with an apt named to boot. We need to get a handle on them know before they blow up and make the Pit look like a sissy. I mean the Boxer even stands up and play fights for goodness sake! Talk about a beast to be reckoned with, the Boxer has a bite strength equal to the Pit (around 200 pound of force). it is a bit bigger, more athletic, and breed for the same style of killing. I am shocked that people let this type of wild beast into their home, I mean think of the kids, the community!

    I think what we need to do is team up and let our opinions be heard by the masses. We just need to keep chatting and educate one another with our worldly knowledge that is rooted in upholding this blessed countries eventual brainwashing.

    I’ll leave you with some attack news, and no worries I have plenty more links and article scans if you would like to amass fuel for the vicious evil Boxer dog. I have collecting these for years know.






  7. In today’s world I would hope that people were not as ignorant as you.. Any dog can be a trained killer. A pitbull is only as good as its trainer as well as any other dog. My brother in law is a canine officer and has a shepard that is so mean that I cant even allow my children in their house. Yet my children sleep and eat with a pitbbull. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so uneducated. So when you have actually lived a day with a pitbull let me know. And by the way I have only owned pitbulls my whole life and have never ever had a problem. Get a life !!!

    • Fist I’ll start with your ending. Why are you suggesting someone else to get a life. What does that mean?. Are you the philosophical aristotle supporting the dog breed that onces bites, bites to death?
      Nobody complains about dogs bites, only mauling. Pitbulls maul. They maul everyone-kids,young,old etc etc. I would advise you to stop being so sure of your dogs(they are dogs) and atleast don’t let your children sleep with them. My 2 cents. I donate more btw so i don’t care what you do to it.

  8. Ignorance is not bliss. We have been pit bull owners for over 14 years and have two young children who only know and love the bully breeds. It is because of uneducated, insensitivity and lack of understanding by people like you have given this breed such a bad name. Any dog is only as good as it’s owner, you could make any dog an angry “mauler” if you treated it as such. Your article is one of the least thought out and factual pieces about canines that I have ever read or seen. What you lack in intelligence and forethought is exactly why the bully breed is gazed upon with unwanted eyes…. Do the research and you will see the bully breeds and the rottie’s are the best suited for kids and families.. Did you know that Dalmatians are considered the worst dogs in a family household? Before you post such ignorant, unthoughtful and incorrect information, do your homework and not pick out the stories you want people to hear. Give this breed it’s chance to be known and understood for what it’s true bread factor was meant for and not your unwarranted, delusional, and selfish ways.

    • To all you that have chimed in and called me a bunch of names, I challenge you to find me another dog that mauls people constantly like Pitbulls. Dalmations and other dogs may bite more people but you never here about them mauling people to death. Every sinlge time a pitbull mauls someone to death the owner syas the same thing, he/she’s never did anything like that before. Of course it hasn’t, or it would have been euthanized. I understand that you all love your Pits but I stand by the fact that they are the most vicious of all dog breeds because they don’t have an off switch when they go into attack mode. This will be the last comment for this thread, thanks for your feedback, eventhough I’ve been called out of my name by most of you!

    • Yeah i know right. The owner is also responsible for shitting on the lawn and peeing on the street. The dog has gameness in its genes. It has tenacity the likes of which i can not type out as I will give out. In my opinion and recent reading( a lot of reading), almost every breed has mauled an infant and elderly but normal young people, what do you know, bully breeds. End of story(not really, just saying).

  9. First of all …. Pitbulls aren’t number one on the bite statistics ! Seconds , most of the time when the media tells you it was a pitbull it wasn’t even a real pitbull. Sooo many people get confused with pitbull breeds. They even call boxers pitbulls sometimes ! Same body big head=pitbull. Third, it always brings more viewers and listeners ifs the media lays it out as an pitbull attack …… Have you ever heard the news saying a golden retriever but a woman in the face …. I haven’t. Of course pitbulls can cause more damage than a dachshund. No doubt. But to say or think that pitbulls are aggressive and snap is crazy. Their jaws don’t lock and they have less power in their jaw than a Rottweiler. I could go on and in with that for hours….. And btw every dog owner says my dog has never done anything like that before ….. I worked with so many rescues vetenarians and shelters and I definitely got more bit by so called family dogs or small dogs than by pitbulls or any breed blamed as pitbull or pitbull mix. I am pretty sure there are some crazy pitbulls out there. But I am also sure there are crazy shepherds chow chihuahuas poodle and so on and so on. AND there will always be stupid people out there. I owned several dobermans as pitbulls. 2 right now. And I never saw them aggressive or even kinda acting weird. But I am pretty sure they will snap one day and lick and kiss my to death 😉

    • Nice winkie. NOT. It’s all chances. Chances. Pitbulls have Muhammed Ali style, bite less,keep biting. You got bit, Sorry( I’d hate to have scars simply) but, if a pitbull decided it(again chances) you are gonna have a hurt real bad. Seriously. BUT again chances. Chances. Some don’t like chances. Fear is irrational. If somebody is afraid of a spider you squish it, you placate them, not call them names.

  10. I have to add something. You said : when they go after someone they don’t stop.
    Every well trained dog will. If the dog isn’t trained its the OWNERS fault. And honestly, to make a pitbull so angry that he won’t stop, is hard. You must threat him very bad. But even then most of them would be scared to death …. There will always be dogs who bite. And there will always be only the pitbull blamed. But …. I honesty don’t care about people who don’t like my dogs. And I have never met one. I always get compliments how friendly they are. With kids cats dogs. And yea you won’t believe… With jerks breaking into my house… Pits don’t freak out. They are just happy dogs in the wrong world with wrong media !!!!!! Watch beyond the myth. They have the facts you need 🙂 its on netflix. It doesn’t make pitbulls look like a perfect dog it makes them look like every other dog. They are not better or worse. They are DOGS

    • You are having a good time. Good. Enjoy but remember that you can not nurture nature out. Pitbulls have gameness. Once mother nature takes over, well you know nature’s fury.

  11. It is because of people like you that I opened my rescue centre. Close minded jerks like you that assume every pit is bad. It’s not the fault of the dog. It’s the way the owner trained it. Pits require thorough and detailed training. But they can be the nicest most loving dog. I have a 3 month old son, and a pit of my own including the 14 others that I rescued from euthanization because of people exactly like you. Close minded self centred idiots. I hope that one day you come across a pitbull and see them for the gentle sooks that they are. Do your research before you slander a breeds name.
    I find it hilarious, HILARIOUS, that you believe the breed “goes for the kill”, and “doesn’t wanna leave you alive”. I suggest you read these stories:


    Notice it’s called pitbull hall of fame. Close to 100 stories of pitbull saving everything from infants to elderly, pregnant, handicapped, pitbulls love everyone.

    You then go on and talk about Rottweilers, which I have owned 3 of. Again, a loveable sook that cuddled with my 4 week old son.. But yet he’s a big mauling beast in your eyes. How about you shut up, keep your ignorant opinions to yourself, and do some research.
    BTW, boxers? Third most fatal attack dog. October 2012 one mauled and killed a 7 year old boy. So how about you doubt your dog that you think is nice and would ever maul someone, and leave thepitsalone.

    • You have some kind of image problem. I would suggest buying a hummer and strapping a harley on top of that. But whatever you do please don’t let your kid out of your sight. I had only one dog,ever. An eskie. I was a kid then and it was awesome. Getting back, remember pitbulls have game. GAME. You can not take it out. It’s in their DNA(dioxy ribonucleic acid)

    • You are an idiot, Danni. When your stupid killer pit bulls kill your baby, I am sure you won’t give a damn. Pit bulls are dangerous dogs. You don’t have to train them to kill ,you moron, it is in their DNA. You will learn your lesson the hard way. Hope it happens soon, so you can grow up. Educate yourself on the violent, mauling, sadistic, killer inside every pit bull, or die trying.

  12. lol you are a fucking joke mate. best dogs that have an unreal amount of personality… you sound like some loser, most human beings would have a better bond with a pitbull than some whiney whingy wanky loser little fuck like yourself.

    enjoy your shit uneventful life. obviously dont do anything with yourself because you have so much time to write up a huge review on an animal you have no idea about.

    kill yourself.

    • Woah!!!… So many meaningful W words I remebered that speech but V in V for vendetta but wait, what is your point!!!… There is nothing. Just slander. Do you have a pitbuuulll… Is the pitbuuullll’s muscles getting to your heeeeaadddd????

  13. also had a rotweiler. easily the best dog ive ever owned, if you tried to break in, she would rip your nuts off. come through the front door with a member of the family, she would cry for attention and wait for a scratch behind the ear. was brought up around little kids, and never once had an aggressive moment towards anyone that was not intruding.

  14. I stopped reading right after the part about pit bulls being the only dogs who clamp on. Uh, Rottweilers? Although little was imparted to me through your article in the way of factual pit bull information, your article did educate me on two matters – you know nothing about dogs nor can you write.

    • The opinion one forms after reading a hundred books and living a hundred lives usually don’t give details about the source.

  15. If I was a pit bull I would bite to kill such a dumb fuckhead like yourself. We should put you down. Your that useless.. faggot

    • I am also noting that you used the very first picture of a pit bull you could find when doing a google images search. That is a copyrighted image and being a “journalist” of sorts, you should know that that cannot be reprinted without authorization or you may be fined/prosecuted. I intend to refer to this sort of infraction on my next blog and will entitle it “Why I hate quasi journalists”.

      • Yo Yo Yo. Don’t hat the player hate the game. Also please don’t quasi me too if this is copyrighted. I am NOT a journalist. At all.

  16. I hope a pit bull bites you in the throat just hard enough you die over several hours. You are such a fucking retard. you are a waist of skin if I saw you anywhere near my house I would send my pit bull after you to end your sorry life. I dare you … ask me for my address. Or even better yet send me yours. Dare yea.

    • You are the shinning example of IQ below average. You reflect knowlege, refract opinion and send your dog after people. Oo OO also you say “yea”. What’s you with that.

  17. Just so you know the pic you have at the top of your article is not a pitbull it is a American bully there is a huge difference. How can you write about how bad pitbulls are but you don’t even know what they look like

  18. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however, it’s best you do your research before you go off on a tangent. The picture you have posted is not a pitbull, it is most likely a Presa Canario. It’s people like you that give the breed a bad name and it’s people like me who rescue Pittie’s and have to become their ambassadors so others can look past the stereotype. A labrador retriever, if raised in the wrong hands, can “maul your children to death,” too.

    • A pibull CAN( i am tired of reading success stories because all i keep thinking is there’s a chance for the person to get mualed) maul a grown person in his/her prime. Yes, all this simply.

  19. It’s your right as an individual of freedom of speech. However, IT DON’T MATTER WHAT BREED OF DOG IT IS, IT ALL DEPENDS ON HOW IT’S RAISED. If it’s raised in an abusive home then yes it’s probably going to be aggressive. But if it’s raised in a kind home where is isn’t beaten or abuse then it most likely won’t be an aggressive dog. It’s usually people like you who get dog breeds put on the aggressive dog list that have no business being on that list, in fact no breed does. Also I DO NOT appreciate the note about the rottweiler, I’ve been around them my whole life and used to breed them for show and I might note that not one of my dogs has ever offered to show aggression to anyone.

  20. The picture you posted is of a dog left outside with a large chain around his neck. Have you ever held one of those in your hands? They are really quite heavy. If I had to hang out outside all day will that around my neck i’d be pretty pissed off too. Pit bulls are often mistreated which accounts for most of the violence. Also as you stated earlier many of them were bred for fighting, and that often involved inbreeding which is one reason for such behavior.

    I would also like to let you know that I found my dog being mauled. Yes mauled. By three boxers about 3 years ago, and it was traumatizing. I completely understand your argument about the vicious activity that occurs. But keep an open mind and do some research.

  21. Sit down and shut up. That is blatant stereotyping substantiated by wildly varying and misleading allegations with little ACTUAL fact. It’s people like you that give not just a Pitt but varying breeds of large dog such a bad reputation. Foolishly spreading blind fear and admitted hate. People like you spilling sloppy drivel from the mouth are the reason why thousands of these lovable, playful animals are put down/abandoned/starve every year.

    • No it’s not people like him. He wouldn’t get one in any situation. It’s people like you who buy it and then leave it. HE would not even consider buying it in the first place. Same goes for people like him, ME.

  22. this is one of the most ignorant & just plain stupid “articles” I’ve ever read.
    It shows how little knowledge you have about Pitbulls when you put a picture of a Staffordshire bull terrier. R E A L pitbulls are tiny. When you find a “big pitbull” its not completely pitbull. its mixed with another type of the bully breed.

    There is sooooooo many breeds that look like pitbulls. & Twice as many dogs in the bully breeds, (pitbull, bulldog, bull terrior, BOXER, etc.) & all those dogs where bred to be “fighting/guard dogs.” But tell me how pitbulls are the only dog that ever “mauls” people? how about TRAINED German Shepards ?
    it doesn’t matter what type of dog it is. if they are going to turn, they’ll turn. INCLUDING YOUR PRECIOUS BOXER!

  23. I’m not going to call you a dumbass, it’s your opinion you’re allowed to have one. But I don’t agree with you. I used to hate pitbulls until I volunteer at an animal shelter. There was a few there that completely changed my view of them. They were the sweetest things, though one wasn’t friendly with other dogs. Obviously you dont know that there are TV shows that show they are good dogs, a good one is Pitbulls and Parolees.

    At the end of your article you seem ingnorant to the fact that boxers are dangers dogs too. No, they aren’t as bad as pitbulls statistically but they are still up there in the numbers. You say your boxer has never mauled people just like pitbull owners say theirs hasn’t…you don’t know what it will do in the future.

    And just some real history for you, thy were bred from English Terriers and English Bulldogs. These dogs were initially bred in England, and arrived in the United States with the founders. In the U.S., these dogs were used as catch dogs for semi-wild cattle and hogs, to hunt, to drive livestock, and as family companions….later people started using them for fighting. These dogs are taught to fight, if you don’t teach them fighting, they are nice, loyal dogs. And for every bad pitbull, there is 100 great ones.

  24. I’ve never met a mean pitbull and I’ve met a lot of them. Me and most of my friends own at least one. They barely shed, are easily trained, and great with kids. It’s the owner not the breed. Some people want a gun but they buy a pit instead. And yea they’re strong, that’s why when one flips its nothing to mess with. Same as any larger breed. It’s a flat out lie to pretend like there’s no warning and then they just snap. They growl, put their ears back, and give warning nips like any other dog. Can’t stand people like you

  25. And totally agree about you posting the wrong pic. They should be like 19″ at the shoulder and you should be able to feel their ribs. Mine is a pure bred American red nose clocking in at a whopping 68lbs full grown and healthy. They always look mean with their ears clipped, I bet that ones still a sweetheart off the chain

    • Sure why not. Take an animal bred to fight to the death, cut its nuts off and say you love that thing with all your heart. Man this thought cracks me up. Not funny to many other people though.

  26. Just guessing that you get updates on this blog, wether you respond or not. That’s why I wanted to call you an idiot, like so many people have. I bet you comfort yourself saying something like “they’re just pissed off, stupid pitbull owners”. No, that’s not it. Everyone who has commented thinks you’re a jackass because you are. How does that feel to get shot down at the one thing you think you’re good at? You have people threatening you, and asking for your address. Lol that’s pretty rough huh buddy? I’m guessing people have taken it a step further and fucked with you on your other posts. Too bad I don’t have the time; id love to make a project out of you. Random strangers have united, we all think you suck, and if this weren’t the Internet it looks like you would have had the shit kicked out of you several times. How does that feel? Bet you wish you hadn’t written that article now huh?

    • Why would you threaten someone is beyond me. The point of a democracy is that the right side wins, not your side. And by “your” I don’t mean you per se. If someone says pitbulls suck, or bully breeds suck why not take measures to bring down the fear. Answer me this you self righteous person- why doesn’t everyone unite and fight for making muzzling, neutering and stronger fencing mandatory. There would be nothing left to worry about. And if you want to take it step further why not make it legal to shoot a bull breed if it enters your lawn UNMUZZLED, or if it clamps down on your pet outside. End of any reason to fear the dog and you get to live your life with your lovely pitbull as well. This is what i mean by democracy. But that said I don’t really care. I won’t fight for either of you. I am just bored and wanted to think of something is all.

  27. You have a right to your own opinion but before you post links to “vicious attacks” you should watch the videos. Many of those videos are not attack videos but sweet home movies of dogs with their families. Also you should do some research on boxer maulings because I found just as many as well as golden retrievers. So when you post something you should do your research instead of posting uneducated material. Just for your info golden retrievers bite 150% more people than any other breed. Educate yourself

  28. So…. You must feel the same way a black guy wearing a hoodie walks past ou. Right? Because statistics say that a majority of armed robberies are done by black guys, usually wearing hoodies. So you don’t like black people right?

    That is the exact argument you’re trying to use. Good luck with that you racist piece of pit bull dick sucking and ass fondling shit. Hopefully you’ll be mauled by a pit bull someday for being so freaking ignorant.

    • First off, if I’m in the wrong neighborhood, yep, I do feel a certain type of way about black guys in hoodies and second, I’m Black, so being a racist piece of shit toward Blacks is funny, and thirdly, my neighbor has a pit and when it was a puppy it tried to bite my son. You know what they said, he’s never shown aggression toward anyone before, and finally my son’s best friend had his calf muscle damn near ripped off by a pit, had to get skin graphs and everything. It’s always the same story, pit mauls or kills someone and the owner says, the dog has never shown aggression like that. So at the end of the day how do we know which pit is which?

  29. Lol if you read the papers around the turn of the century they would have you believe that all black people are drug crazed negros that are out to rape white women. If you watched the news in the 80s and 90s you would think all gay men are out for your little boys. My point is the media will say WHATEVER will get you to watch period. Facts do not matter to them. Please keep your pointless bullshit to yourself you have no clue what you’re talking about. Thanks

  30. Your fucking stupied I Owen 4 pitbull and I can tell you that they only atack to protect the owner and I even seen it happen my pitbull pratctly called for help wen I broke my arm he even broke his chane and barkt at people and lead them to me there my favorite type of pet ohh and a big fuck you fagit ass bich

  31. threats to kill and other vile language about someone expressing their views is showing up the owners rather than the dogs imo.

  32. You are a total ignorant retard. Do some research. Your conclusions have nothing but your stupid opinions as premises!

  33. Well this page didn’t help my question at all. Want to know what I googled?
    Why my pitbull was being such a whiny baby.
    That would be the extent of my pitbull problem. Mine being a big, whiny, non-aggressive, needy baby.
    Kinda puts it into perspective for you.
    Your whole page made me really happy, because it made me realize that I could never be as ignorant as you.
    Good day 🙂

  34. “Cute” dogs that by standard will most likely turn on their handlers
    1.common retriever poodle due to excessive in breeding to try and make a good duck hunting dog have a chemical imbalance that give it bipolar tenancies.
    2.dalmation highest number of attacks on humans to date almost tripling the total attacks of the stafford shire bull terrier commonly known as the pitbull
    3. German Shepard bread as a shepherd or herding dog but brought to infamy as being able to be trained as a war dog totalling over 100000 human casualties during the World War Two era.pit bull attack have not nearly reached that many “maulings” never mind actual human casualties
    4. Akeida bred in feudal japan as a war dog killing humans is what they were designed to do
    The fact is pit bulls/stafford shire bull terriers are one ad the most timid characters of dogs the American stafford shire terrier was bred to protect humans from bears so they need the lock jaw wich is what is damning these great loyal creatures by ignorant people like you . I have a 6 month old son and a 4 year old amstaff and they love eachother my son will pull his face scream cry right at him and play to his hearts content my dog onyx has only ever layed on his back and scoot himself closer to give him kisses , my son cries onyx is the first one up the stairs and at my babies crib side patiently waiting to see if he’s ok no matter where is the fact is they are like any dog you beat them they become vicious you train them to kill they do what they learn so it is not the dog it is the human and the only human worse than the one who beats the dog is the ignorant idiotic human like you who would rather kill these gentle creatures than solve the problem

  35. Pit bulls attack. It’s real simple. They attack and kill people and animals.
    Why own a pit of your pit will hurt people, animals, and your family at some point. And there very ugly dogs there far far from cuddly cute. They eyes are dead looking and there jaws are made to lock. That’s why they grip you with there big ugly mouth JAWS. Pits Wernt around in the 50s 60s 70s 80s 2000 is when it was a slow branch if put owners used them for safety put a gate around your house with a couple pit bulls and you’ll be safe I guess? Then dog fights. Vick should have been put away for his abuse to the poor pits. He’s not a good man. A pit at a park was told to leave because he was barking and pulling the chain growling at people. It was bad. It was a nice family with a bad dog. It was funny they kept tling people there pit was nice he wouldn’t hurt fly as the dog was growling and leaping at people!! They left. With there two beautiful children in the truck with the angry dog. Nice parents. There will be a law in place of attempted murder soon if a pit attacks. There not to be trusted why risk it there unattractive animals

  36. You obviously know nothing about pitbulls besides what the media has told you. Pitbulls aren’t the only breed that often doesn’t let go. There was a female police officer that was attacked by a Belgian Shepard and even after they killed the dog, its grip on her arm was so tight they have to pry the dog dogs jaws off her. Then there’s the little girl that was mauled in the face so bad by a lab, she needed plastic surgery. Her pet pitbull actually saved her life by attacking the lab before any further harm could be done! Then there’s the heart breaking story of the baby girl that was mauled and killed in her sleep by the family’s pet malamute. The media only reports more on pitbull attacks because of the already scary stigma pitbulls have, thus making a pitbull attack more of an exciting story to report on then a lab attack. But if you look past the news reports and pitbull hate groups, you will see the truth. Other dogs are attacking, mauling, and killing people as well. And some of the attacks are more brutal then the ones done by pitbulls.
    Dogs are also NOT a wild animal. Yes, they are a predator like their cousin the wolf, but they have been domesticated from thousands of years. Thus when dogs attack it shouldn’t surprise us. They ARE natural predators. But they certainly do not pose the danger a wild animal would. People who own tigers or bears are crazy. People who own pitbulls are just dog owners. They need to be responsible for their pets actions, but they shouldn’t be stigmatized simply because they have a breed that’s stronger then a poodle.

  37. I’m a registered nurse and I have taken care of many, many, MANY, trauma victims from dog attacks, and bar none pitbull’s left the most horrific damage and we’ve had fatalities on our unit including children. So to all the people that call this author close minded take a stroll on a trauma unit witness the carnage if that doesn’t shake you to your core then you are the close minded one.

  38. Close minded also includes not seeing the actual reason WHY there are so many pitbull attacks. The reason is wicked and irresponsible people. There are some attacks that are unprovoked, but even watching the media will tell you that most of the attacking dogs were not being properly supervised by their owners. In fact most attacks actually happen to complete strangers when a dog that has been tied up and unable to exercise escapes, when a dog has been abused, or when they haven’t been properly socialized. Most victims of dog attacks are children because a lot of the time they haven’t been properly taught how to react to dogs. Another thing noticed in many dog attacks is that the attacking dogs are UNNEUTERED MALES.
    As for WHY there are so many attacks, it is likely because of the ever increasing rate of animal abuse. All dogs are in more danger then ever for being abused, but especially breeds like Pitbulls, American Bullies, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, and German Shepards. Because of their wraps as fighting and guarding breeds, they are often bought and bred by people who only want them for ego or as weapons. Unfortunately, the bully breeds are the main targets of these people. Any dog that looks “tough” or “mean” is sought after by them. The link I am posting with this shows one of the main sources of abused dogs: Dog Fighting. Hopefully it will open up your eyes to what many of these dogs really are. Victims.

  39. This is very interesting. Based on the comments here, I can truly see a majority of disrespectful people with lack of class, defending pitbuls. Maybe the stereotype IS true that most pit owners are trash. Who knows, maybe pits wouldn’t be as dangerous if less of them owner them. Every pit bull owner I have met is a very defensive, sensitive and aggressive human being. There is definitely a correlation here.

    Now, whether or not the breed itself has more of a killer instinct than others…thats another story. But due to their size and strength, they are definitely more lethal than other dogs. Its like carrying around a glock or a machine gun. Even the most responsible machine gun owner could snap or be influenced by something at some point in time, and cause tragedy.

    In Quebec, there is a recent outburst of rage because of new pit ban laws. And the all have the same aggression as people in this thread.

    I not for a ban unless there is conclusive evidence, but I am for severe control over owners and pits. Same should be done with guns in fact, removing the mass killer models.

  40. The problem is way too many ignorant people have and and continue breeding these dogs for profit and sell them to untrained unqualified people. The fact is no other dog inflicts the damage to body tissue, muscle and bone like bully breeds do. Breeders should be licensed by each state and made to pay taxes on them to curb the populaton. Then maybe pitbull lovers can stop bitching about so many of them being in shelters. I personally have had 3 aggressive encounters with a neighbors 2 pitbulls within th last year. In both cases the dogs escaped fom their yards where they were allowed to run lose and confronted me on my own property while doing yardwork. Very scary fearful instances that I luckily came out of unscathed. These are territorial animals and if a stranger is in a place they see as their territory they exhibit fierce aggression. Now for the pitbull defenders to chime in and show their intelligence with a barrage of insults directed towards me.

  41. You don’t have to look far to find a pit bull advocate. Just look for the foul-mouthed jerks who have nothing intelligent to add to a conversation all while wishing death upon someone who has a different viewpoint. They attack for no reason, just like their precious dogs. They are one-in-the-same really. Uneducated usually or just ignorant, narcissistic, amoral, un-caring, low-life jerks who blindly support these dogs because they believe the lies they are told. Reading these comments make me so happy to not have friends who own these dogs, because most of them are horrible human beings anyway.

    • Wow. Very sad. I can’t understand what you are saying at all. I’ve raised 4 “pit bull’s”
      Truly wonderful dogs. Training and socialization are key no matter the breed.

  42. This is a very well written article. You are very educated on the problems with the pit bull type of dog. They are in the news every day or two for killing or mauling children and adults to death. It takes some bit of knowledge to know this. It is a stupid person who takes the risk by owning one of these killer pit bulls or any type of dog that is mixed with the killer pit bull. We need to shine the light on ugliness and the pit bull was bred for fighting and killing. Only a smart person would realize this and decide not to own one.
    I can tell the idiots are out in full force. Pit bulls are dogs that should never be around children. Ever heard the myth of the freaking “Nanny dog”. It’s a myth and a lie, but since most pit bull owners are either junkies, druggies, dog fighters or idiots, they hold on to lies and myths and believe anything to make them feel better about owning one of the worst dogs on the planet.
    Attacks by pit bulls are associated with higher morbidity rates,
    higher hospital charges, and a higher risk of death than are attacks by other
    breeds of dogs. Strict regulation of pit bulls may substantially reduce the US
    mortality rates related to dog bites.
    This is such an intelligent and valid article. You can see that the people who fall for these dogs are mentally challenged. Also, it is well known that women who own them often commit beastiality , which means they have sex with , their pit bull. The people who own them just don’t get it. The owners do not understand the nature of the pit bull. It is beyond their little minds.
    Ultimately they will pay the price for owning these killing dogs. They enjoy that. Many of the owners have little to no intelligence, and are not educated on dog behavior. Support breed specific legislation. Ban pit bulls! Thank you for this article. The pit hags and low life creeps will come out to defend the killer dogs, but the intelligent and educated ones, all know you are right! Keep fighting the good fight! We will win in the end! Ban pit bulls! Keep our world safe for everyone!

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