Interracial Relations

RGIIISo all of a sudden football player RGIII, Robert Griffin the 3rd, has been thrown into the spotlight by well meaning ignoramuses, well I hope they are well meaning, who’ve asked the age old question! Is it ok to date interracially? Within the last couple days I’ve seen about 10 blogs pop up about this because some backwards ass reporter devolved a conversation into, is RGIII really a brother, is he down for the cause?

Now all of a sudden people are talking race for no good reason. Who the hell cares if a black dude, who went to a white college, dated and fell in love with a white girl, decided that he wanted to marry her? Oh my bad, blacker than black people and white racist care, that’s who. And by the way blacker than black men are racist too, because if they held sway over white people they would be just as racist as the Klan.

rg3 collegeThe school has 14k students of which approximately 1000 are black and over 10k are white, according to Strictly from a statistical standpoint, if 56% of the student body is female, that means that there are 560 black women and 5600 white women available for dating opportunities, so he has 10 times more white women to choose from vs. black women, so the odds of him dating a white woman goes up exponentially. Add to that the fact that most student athletes get tutors, whom are almost 100% white and women, then you’ll see that most of these athletes at non HBCU’s are going to have white women around them all the time. So when it’s all said and done if you come into contact with 10 times more white women than black women, you’re going to find a lot of them attractive, and that’s just how it goes.

Take the same scenario and reverse it, a white male or female attended an HBCU or other predominantly black college, and you see the same thing occur, it’s just part of human nature! The more you’re around people of other races, the more you find qualities in them that you like, and the more qualities you like the more attractive people of that race become. And the more attractive they become, well you know the rest, interracial relations abound!

Hey, why do you think the Klan and every other racist organization advocates against race mixing, they know what’s up. The more we interact, the more relationships occur, the more interracial babies are born, the less “pure” white babies are born, less white people period. All you have to do is look at the BS white politicians and Tea Partiers have been saying over the past 4 years about taking their country back and going back to the good ole days. It all stems from the fact that more minority children are being born than white children, although white people make up over 60% of the country. The 30 something percent are having more minority and interracial babies thus changing the electorate and reducing white power to an extent, and we know they’re not going to stand for that!

So let’s give some ignorant negro some face time and hope it stirs up enough¬†controversy to get some of these white and black people to rethink their love is love stance, but guess what, it’s not working. So Negro’s please crawl back under the rock you came from under and waste away with your Jim Crow stupidity.

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