Django 2 “Re-Chained & Back to Slavery”

djangoFinally saw Django, and I must say, ……………………………………. It was some Bullshit!!!!!!!!! Did Trinidad James write that shit! Seriously! I’ve been reading all these reviews in my stream and nothing but praises for it, WTF! Don’t get me wrong the actors did a superb job, but Quentin, that dude on some BS!

Are we that easily fooled because a Black man got to kill some white people in a fucking movie and ride off in the sunset, nah, not even a sunset like how traditional westerns did it for the good guy, DJamie had to sneak off into the night. Then before he rode off he had to make the horse do the cupid shuffle, WTH! This dude has been rehashing a genre of movies that every self respecting Black person will say was one of the most racist eras in Hollywood.

Let me see, I’m going to employ Black actors to say Nigger 1000 times a frame, when it’s not even needed,  so I can get my insatiable lust of saying the N-word out there and not look like the closet racist I am, perfection. Sorry RZA, your boy thinks you’re his boy. Take a look at his movies people; he uses the word in just about every movie he makes, when it’s not even needed. Then he claims this is how we talk, you ain’t us dude, and how in the hell do you know that every other word out of white people’s mouths during the slavery times was Nigger.

Y’all need to understand, he writes all his movies, so this Nigger this Nigger that crap doesn’t need to be in there unless you want it to be. I say the same stuff about rappers that use Nigga excessively, so why would I give Quentin a pass. I feel you Spike Lee, except for the fact that you didn’t see the movie before you shot it to shit, but I feel you on this dude thinking it’s art so he can use Nigger with reckless abandon.

What if Spike Lee did a Blaxploitation-like parody of Shindler’s List where every other word was anti Semitic, and made light of the holocaust, let’s see who would green light that shit. Then make about 4 more movies like that and see where his career goes. But you think it’s OK to remake Blaxploitation movies for the enjoyment of Niggers I see. A word to the wise, use your talents for other purposes and stop calling us Niggers to our face.

And to really let us know how you feel, along with your colleagues, y’all allow a company to make Django slave dolls so little white kids can practice owning slaves. You might as well break out the whip and chains, I see through your BS and this is your last time, period. You’re not putting another movie out like this without some major boycott action coming your way. Make Kill Bill Volume 16 or something, but keep Nigger out of your mouth!

2 thoughts on “Django 2 “Re-Chained & Back to Slavery”

  1. Django Unchained can’t be seen as a “real” movie, it was a comedy. In New York, I hear people, regardless of race say, ” my nigga….” Everyone in New York minus me possibly says, ” my nigga in every sentence”.

    The killing of the “evil” slave masters in the movie did not intrigue me. I was intrigued by the love story. We were made to believe that slaves did not have family connections and love relationships. Django was willing to die for love.

    The comedic license had to be used, slavery is a tough subject. I don’t like the idea of the Django dolls. I applaud Quentin for having the courage to make a movie about slavery. It is something ugly that we as African Americans and America as a whole have repressed. Spike Lee could have made a movie about slavery BUT he did not. What he did to is partner with Absolut Vodka to sell LIQUOR! I was more offended by Spike’s Red Hookl Summer.

    • The movie may have been funny but it wasn’t promoted as a comedy, it was supposed to be a revenge/love story where the revenge was played up way more than the love. The bonding moments in the movie were between Djamie and the German bounty hunter. The love story played 3rd fiddle to the German and Leonardo’s character, damn near 4th to Uncle Rukus, so the love story aspect was BS to me.
      As for Quentin having the courage to make a movie about slavery, I emphatically say it’s BS. He a made a mockery of slavery, made every Nigger including Djamie into broken tamed individuals. It took a white man to free him, and the way the movie was set up, Djamie wouldn’t have went after Hildy if the German hadn’t of freed him and needed his help. Other than that Djamie would have went on being a slave and never did anything. Why don’t they make a movie about Nat Turner if they want to champion the slave killing whitey, I bet they won’t do that?
      Spike Lee would have never been greenlit for a slavery project. Just like they won’t greenlight the movie Hannibal of Carthage, there’s a screenplay ready to go, but a movie about a Black man that defeated Roman generals and is widely considered one of the greatest generals of all time, doesn’t play well with the racist elite. Even a movie about Tousaaint L’Overture won’t even be greenlit here in the states. These people were genuine Black heros, not fictional characters who went on a kill whitey spree.
      I haven’t seen Red Hook Summer yet but from the tailers that I’ve seen, it looks like garbage.

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