$59.624 Trillion (What Black People are Owed for Reparations for $5 Billion, Alex)


A few days ago I ran across an article online where a teacher (http://activistteacher.blogspot.ca/2013/01/calculated-minimum-reparation-due-to.html?m=1) decided to do the math behind what black people would be owed if we got reparations adjusted for todays minimum wage values. He did his numbers based solely on a minimal economic value of free slave labor adjusted at the lowest reasonable rate of interest.

The number he came up with was $1.5 million dollars for every Black person in this country that descended from a enslaved ancestor, which is roughly, wait for it…………… $59.2 trillion dollars.  Yep approximately $60 trillion in reparations is owed to blacks in America and this is based off minimum values. This is why Congress will never seriously talk about reparations in a meaningful way.

Crazy isn’t it!

So after reading the article it got me thinking. If the newly freed slaves had gotten the 40 acres and a mule promised to them by Lincoln during the Civil War, how much land would we own?

After doing the math it was simple to realize why they went back on that plan almost immediately after the war was over, so here it is!

confederate states

40 acres of land given out to approximately 4 million slaves would have came out to 160 million acres of land in the south owned by Blacks. Those 160 million acres breaks down to 256,000 square miles of land, which is 18,580 sq miles less than the size of Texas, yep we’d own Texas. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_and_territories_by_area)

That’s a lot of damn land, and Black people would have owned that in 1865. It would have more than doubled by now, but even if it never increased by 1 acre that would still be a lot of land to own, especially if you take into account that by 1910 we only owned 15 million acres at our peak. It dropped all the way down to 2.4 million acres in 1997 but has steadily been on the rise again since then. Now we own somewhere around 7.8 million acres (2010) (http://www.blackisonline.com/2010/10/40-acres-crisis/) out of a possible 2.3 billion acres of land in the US.

Now that we know we could have owned land the size of Texas throughout the south, lets calculate what it would be worth today.

According to the USDA ‘s National Agricultural Statistics Service data of 2012, farmland across the US is valued at $2650 per acre on average.  And as I said above, if it would have stayed at 160 million acres, Black people in America would control $424 billion dollars worth of land throughout the 11 Confederate states that fought to keep slavery alive and well. But based on todays land ownership numbers we only control $20.67 billion, that’s $400 billion less than what we should have. Even if we take into account that 15 million acres was our peak, and now we own roughly half of that due to systematic racism we still would control 80 million acres or $212 billion dollars worth of land, which is still 10 times better than 7.8 million acres and $20 billion.

So to sum it all up, in 2013, if we were given 40 acres as promised, we would have owned $424 billion worth of land and if we received reparations we would be worth an additional $59.2 trillion. That comes out to $59.624 trillion dollars for 40 something million people. So now you see why we will never see any reparations and why they recognized that if we would have received that much land back then, we would have been a self-sufficient people, which they knew would eventually lead to a nation within a nation.

In 1850 this is what Texas had to say about why they wanted to secede from the Union; (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confederate_States_of_America#A_revolution_in_disunion)

Texas further stated: “We hold as undeniable truths that the governments of the various States, and of the confederacy itself, were established exclusively by the white race, for themselves and their posterity; that the African race had no agency in their establishment; that they were rightfully held and regarded as an inferior and dependent race, and in that condition only could their existence in this country be rendered beneficial or tolerable.”

And again: “That in this free government all white men are and of right ought to be entitled to equal civil and political rights [emphasis in the original]; that the servitude of the African race, as existing in these States, is mutually beneficial to both bond and free, and is abundantly authorized and justified by the experience of mankind, and the revealed will of the Almighty Creator, as recognized by all Christian nations; while the destruction of the existing relations between the two races, as advocated by our sectional enemies, would bring inevitable calamities upon both and desolation upon the fifteen slave-holding states.”

The racist of America never wanted us to be free and independent, they never wanted us to be self-sufficient! They wanted us to depend on them and continue to be slaves because they felt as if they were born superior and we were nothing more than a race of people that were born to be subservient to the mighty white race!

What’s your opinion?

114 thoughts on “$59.624 Trillion (What Black People are Owed for Reparations for $5 Billion, Alex)

  1. I agree with you 100% to everything u stated above, and from what it looks like today within the black/African American community, their plan seem to be working. Prison over crowding with blacks,with 30% of the prisoners being deemed INNOCENT, I want to scream!!!!!! black on black crime is out of control, seem like the young brotha’s have lost all hope. I wish that all the black male who deserted their sons and daughters, could come back today and see the carnage they left behind, when they decided, to become deadbeat dads and deserters and abandons of their flesh and blood, If only they could see what they have done. My son is destroyed, because he doesn’t have a father, he ran out on $22 a week child support bill, tha’st $80 per month, while i paid $75 weekly to a babysitter $300 monthly, with no help whatsoever from him or his family, who was aware they had a grandson, nephew, and ignored him. His father went on to marry 3 different women, and father 4 kids total, that i know of. He continues to go from women to women, destroying lives. And now his first and oldest son is following in his father’s footsteps, 4 babies with 4 different women. Sad….just sad….all i can say is the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. After having his father destroy my & his son’s life, at the early age of 22, I went on to not give birth to another black child by a black male, unmarried, ever again. I now have a very low opinion of black men in general. I’m married now to a devout Christian male, who loves his son, who we had together, after marriage. He doesn’t have any outside children on the side, or baby mama drama crap…thank u JESUS! when my oldest son ask me at the age of 11 he is now 36, at 11 he said to me, doesn’t he like me. That torn the heart out of my chest, i said to myself, what have I/we done? Sistha’s if you can’t find a decent black male to marry you, Please go out in the world and find you a man of Any race, that make you happy, fall in love and get married, make that family you always dreamed about having. Time is quickly passing by, you will be old before you know it, and 50 & 60 y.o. men today, want 20 y.o. women, not women their own age. Their is an expiration on all that beauty you got going on right now, soon it will start to fade, and breast will begin to sag, butt, face, everything that use to be up, will start to come down with gravity. Listen up, don’t wait until its too late, if they don’t want us, their are a lot of beautiful kind loving men out there, that do want us, and will love us, and do for us, like we have never felt before……..take heed….

    • Peace Mrs. Bernie Madoff. I’m a black man I’ve been married to a black women for over twenty years we have two children together. all black men aren’t dead beat dads their are a lot of us that are holding it down; to keep our families together. my father wasn’t in my life either, but I didn’t chose to take the same path that he took. some men are just not cut out to be fathers an raise their children; that’s what separates the men from the boys. I think you statements are not all fact. I think the your are looking at black men through a bad experience because their are a lot of good black men out here that still hold it down for their families.

      • This is a proud black man who knows how to do it wright. I know a lot of them that have worked hard to make things better for them and there family’s

          • This is a game black woman make and say to justify running to Caucasian men. Everyone is Caucasian but the Blackman. Black woman don’t what us cause they never had a dad or the first love from a black father so they watch TV and became negropoids and hate their color skin and want to change. See men we must save our black woman with truth if you have the knowledge to do that. Most men don’t thatsvwhy we lost 80%of black woman to Caucasian men

      • True my parents been married 37 years my father always held two jobs heck both my parents held two jobs he never missed a special day or a bill same for my grandfathers so all brothas aren’t dead beats some women don’t watch who they lay down with if you know the guys no good why lay and have kids with him then put it on all brothas I have no kids not even pending my father rescued my mother and her two little kids from a abusive neglectful marriage 2 years before I was born and when I came along raised us all three equal as his even thought I’m the only child they have together so all brothas are dead beats just gotta be careful

      • No, you picked a dog ass dude, thats it, thats all. Save that sob ass story for your fatherless child. You chose the wrong man for the wrong reasons, and whats sad, the whiteman taught you that mess, and you ran right to them when they molded you into selfserving, false empowerment, and sexual gratification as a path to parenthood. That coward probably begged you to get an abortion……

    • I agree with a portion of what the sister said. There some shiftless young brothers out there who are looking to take advantage of a gullible, undiscriminating young lady. However, to say that all black men are no good and not to be trusted, is a fallacy narrative that too many of our sisters have bought into. Also, men of other races share some of the same flaws you are accusing all black men of having. One thing that every young black sister needs to do is you introspectively at themselves and their choices in seeking a romantic relationship. I don’t what circles you are running in, but the young men that I see and interact with on a daily basis are very upstanding and respectful of black womanhood. Sisters, check out the places you are seeking relationships. Bars, rappers wild parties, etc. are not the places you would normally find a decent, committed relationship!!!

    • Lincoln did offer the 40 acres and a mule after he was murdered for that reason they stopped it led bye A.Jackson evil ass but he is burning in hell with the rest of the fondling fathers

    • Damn…at what point was it okay to spread your “woe is me but look at me now” story…? U lay with dogs and u get fleas…ur issues with black men are systematic and case in point with the article, but instead of higlighting the article with that fact, u use it as a platform to paint all black men with such a broad baseless stroke of ur selfhating brush. Shame on the ones who dont tend to thier responsibilities and shame on u for ur own shortcomings…then and now…

    • Mrs. Madoff, I sure hope you’re happy in life because it seems to me you are one sad woman. I am a black man who happened to get married to a woman that had two children already which I adopted as my own. She was not a black woman and that is the point in which you should understand. Black men for over two hundred years have been denigrated by white people and then you as a black woman has the nerve to do the same thing and paint all of us with such a broad stroke of your brush. Just because of your mistakes of choosing the wrong men in your life. I am glad you found someone to share your life with and God bless for that. But the hatred you spew for black men was passed onto your oldest child and you wonder why he has done the same thing as his father? There are plenty of black men out in the world who provide for their wives and children. God bless.

      • Black men generalize & paint Black women with a broad stroke of brush all the time. Black men are not the only ones being abused & disrespected in this country by white people. Stop acting like you’re the only ones being mistreated. Black men do take care of their non-black wives/their non-black children & bi-racial children.

    • Make opinions on people you know not people you hear about. YOU had a baby with a scumbag at a young age. YOU made your bed and didnt teach YOUR SON. ITs Your fault too. Unless youre perfect

    • What does your alleged deadbeat choice for a baby daddy have to do with African descendants of the most brutal form of slavery in the history of mankind recieving reperations? Why choose to make this discussion about you & the hate that you have for African people? Do you realize that its a 86% chance that the effects of post traumatic slave disorder is the reason your child’s father just doesn’t have it in him to father a black child as well the reason you hate black people? In fact do you know that if you’re black & you hate black people whether male or female you must hate yourself? Your statement just proves the phschological affect of slavery… You’re semi-cooning to be honest with you mam but thats enough energy put towards the continued hatred of Black men. I believe if we’re as a people to ever recieve any reperations from the most wicked system in the universe it’ll only begotten by demand! Do we deserve it”you damn skippy”but we will have to accept a much lower settlement than our actual worth, Im thinking a flat out tax free one time settlement of 3.5 million dollars for every African descendant of slavery in America. Thanks for doing the math brother, wow at the actual rate the reperations would bankrupt the country, wow!

    • It sounds like a personal problem and your anger is mislead on one man act. You sound as if no one could have told you better even if you saw that he was like that in the first place and you figure to yourself if you give him a baby that would make him be true to you and when it did not work then you want to call all black man a negative name that your masters child has decide to label men yet again something that they are responsible for back in the slave days. They took black men women and raped them almost in front of them and then when the baby was born it was a mulatto and the black man had to still provide that his wife even knowing that that wick demon had molested his wife. Then those people separated the black’s man family by selling off his offspring to other plantation owners and has done nothing but undermine the black man existence since being stolen from his homeland and you have the nerve to post your personal problem with one lone man. Remember the black man has been hunted like a animal taken all of his manhood away and you think to yourself that you have problem for over 400 hundred years. If anybody wants to know why he acts the way he acts it is because he was made in America.

    • This kills me. Because she chose the wrong guy to give it up to, she has to dog BLACK MEN. You have to come to terms that you made a bad choice. I know many white guys who laugh at the fact that they have some square raising their kid. Hell tom brady and dirk nowisky did it in a public forum and they were given high fives in the media, but black men are vilified. Not alll black families are broken, unfortunately that gets no play in the media. Do the research

    • A lot of what miz mad-dog was saying is true, however, not all of it was not entirely true! All black men are not bad men and they are not dead beat dads either! My father worked as many jobs as he had to, to make ends meet! He set a good example for me to follow as a man and I have done the same thing! He did not skip out on me and I did not skip out on my family either! I think by-in-large the numbers of black men that take care of their families far outweigh the number of the ones that don’t! Just because she had it bad and had those kinds of men in her life does not mean that is the total black experience! Because she was a failure at finding the right black man she wants all the black women give up on black men and go find themselves a white boy and make little mew-latoes or whatever! She advocates that the black woman must find any kind of man except a black man. As if those kinds of guys don’t exist in other races! Statistics show that many white men are child abusers and child molesters! And there are just as many dead beat white dads as they are black or any other races but they just don’t talk about it as much! Not that it excuses a black man if he is that kind of guy but it is also no excuse for any guy period! Its funny as hell how black women love to lay that guilt trip solely at the feet of black men! That is absurd from my point of view because it is the woman that choses the man! And if she happens to be a bad judge of character then that is on her! A lot of women go for the bad guy or the so called thug! Then if that is what you go for then that is what your ass is going to get and you should not think that you are going to get someone like that who is not going to live up to his reputation! So just shut the hell up and deal with it is what I say if that is what you are attracted to! But don’t go around painting all brothers with the same broad brush!

    • Please tell me what the fuck your response has to do with this article??? You are clearly trying to justify the fact that YOU chose a shiftless, lazy, selfish person to father your child. There are many beautiful, loving POWERFUL AND AMAZING BLACK MEN IN THIS WORLD! So stop spreading your fearful, self hating garbage! If you really believed what you were saying, you wouldn’t have to paint black men as the villain and sole reason u ever ended up with someone outside of your race. And the only reason you are with your husband is because you were afraid of being alone and u settled. How do I know this….because u would take the time to tell women that their gonna get old and saggy so they better hurry up and grab anything you can find. Why not deal with the article that talks about the treatment of Black people in this country??? Or are u so brainwashed by your white in shining armour that you can’t even see. You are disgusting.

    • I will not ever ever ever give up on black men. I am a black woman and have been hurt by black men. But everyone is a product of the society we live in. White supremacy is damaged ALLLLLL of us. Only a black man can know the plight of a black woman and visa versa. No matter how much someone of another race says they understand, they cannot ever understand the emotional, mental, physical and financial trauma that our people have and continue to suffer daily! No — running off to another race to find love is not the answer for me. We have to help each other work on ourselves if we want the work to be done. And for the record, ALLLLL men in ALLLLLL races have their issues. I’ll deal with the men in mine.

    • Ase, My black parents who raised me from Louisiana stayed together and both now at the age of 74 are still together. I as many other Black Women I know did not get married or did eventually marry, but had problems in their marriage due to the many long centuries of being taught infidelities. That was not our ancestral people’s way. I began to feel as you have, but I just began to study more in College taking courses such as “Black Women in America” a new course being offered in Universities. I began to learn more about who I am and the people I was a descendant to, as well as why my ethnic race of people in the condition they were from. I have been asked to date white males and thought about it, but they did not share my values, ways, thoughts, nor truths. I could not, no matter how angry I was with the black man. I was truly hating black men and had lost all respect for them, but I knew I had to elevate my mind to understand, educate and learn why it was the way it was for people like me. I began asking the most high for truth, understanding and what it all entailed. I began awakening spiritually somehow in the 1995. The same year right before I was to be promoted to a young sergeant from officer as I worked as a California Peace Officer. It was truly amazing for YAH knows all even when we as His People do not, but many of us have not tried to follow our visions He gives us, nor try to seek the truth at all giving in to the whims of the world that the Edomites has created for us to live within. Try to understand my sister that it was not the black man’s fault, but we can lay some blame on his love for the world he allows to control his way of life he alone chose to live within to satisfy his urges. He will suffer along with them for his own choices. I knew long ago who I was as a child studying the Bible within my childish understanding unto the world and my parents who did not know showed me through their Christian led beliefs. They were wrong and now my stubborn very well educated mother is trying to learn about her true heritage. My sister check the Haplo-Group DNA of your blood and learn who you are and who you truly are within the most high who’s true name is AHAYAH! Peace to you mysister and to all who read my message. Seek the truth for yourself, your brothers and sisters who share the same bloodline and our true one living God who favored us and made a promise with long ago. https://youtu.be/W0UPTQCgGCE. Peace!

    • You are out of your damn mind!!! You blame black men for actions of one man, so know you are telling black women to go outside of our race??? SMDH

      I could feel same way due to my last relationship with a black woman, but I don’t!!! I still love black women, and I know my black queen is out there. We are our worse enemy.

  2. Lincoln never .ade or suggested that emancipated African should get 40 Acres and a mule…..Andrew Jackson offered this to but, didn’t have the authority and, last time I checked the Confederate side lost the war.

  3. We are owed for other human rights violations, not just wages, there were many human rights violations we need to be payed for.

    • So… Would it actually be owed by black people, to black people? A little research into the first slave owner in America would flip this all kinds of ways

      • Half my ancestors were native americans, the other half were Irish who didn’t come to the US until the early 1900s. I am sick and tired of being told how I “owe” something to people for something that neither I nor any of my ancestors had anything to do with. If black people want reparations, maybe they need to talk to the descendants of the Africans who sold them into slavery in the first place.

        • You don’t personally owe us anything, but the US government does, they compensated the slave owners for the loss of revenue/property. None of your ancestors had anything to do with intern camps but your tax dollars went to pay reparations to the Japanese, so whats the difference?


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    You see, these dirty rotten governments were supposed to setoff all of our debts based on the Bible; because, everything in America is prepaid based on the fact that the Egyptians left the Indigenous people all the gold in the world, which is why you see the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill along with the falcon indicating a contract between the Egyptians [Moors/Muurs] and the United States and the United States of America. When Obama went into Indonesia shortly after he was inaugurated into office, he was wearing the Egyptian ring to stamp the bonds being held at all of the Federal Reserve Banks for all of the gold in the world and after he stamped the bonds to return all the gold in the world to the Indigenous people the Jews did not want to return the gold to the Indigenous people; because, they said we were only going to give them the gold back and were not going to set up the de jure government, however. The World Court issued Dr. Hendo I. L. Henderson who is now the AD HOC Judge at the World Court $371 Billion to return to the Moors/Muurs at this time. The Ashkenazi Caucasians were created to guard the gold and run the government by the Egyptians and do not actually have a right to claim any of it unless they can prove they have the Moorish blood running in their viens. That is why we are requiring a DNA/RNA test at http://www.sovcpr.com to make sure everyone is truly a part of the human family.

    Well it’s been hunting season in America for the so-called black people since the Christopher Columbus Invasion and people have allowed it go on to this very day. Meanwhile, most Americans are still up in church on Sunday worshipping the father devil with no problem; because, their children are better than anyone else’s children and their shyt does not stink and their nose is so high in the air as they unknowingly fuel the wars around the world; because, they are too lazy to study law and government to put a stop to some of these things going on around the planet until now. In fact, Americans have fought people like me all my life for telling the truth and fighting the fight; because, they are so scared they will loose their benefits of a Christian Education at the Skull and Bones Universities and Colleges to uphold the fraternity and sorority oaths before the Constitution for the united States of America and now the Jade Helm 15 Military Operation is here at last to lock their asses up hallelujah! Damned, Cursed, Consecrated Devils. America is totally surrounded China on the Southern Boarder, Germany on the West Coast, Russia on the Northern Boarder, Japan on the East Coast, to be sure the cabal cannot leave and they are being arrested right now. GET THE FACTS! http://www.sovcpr.com

    Pope Francis Calls For ‘Legitimate Redistribution’ Of Wealth To The Poor being forced by World Court Judge Henderson http://t.co/tnVN61ucqp

    What is the 501c4 or Melchizedek Trust: It is an Asset Back Trust whose purpose is the reset the entire planet economically. That means every man, woman and child has been released from the current slavery debt system of the current 501c3. It is also known as the year of Jubilee. You will find this terms in biblical form and you will hear the Pope speak on it. What the Pope is not saying is the Jubilee is for the People. It also means that the US Corporation and all government entities has been foreclosed on and those entities are insolvent or broke along with ALL Banks…..

    Again under the 501c4 system all debts and illegal de facto Corporations masked as Governments have been foreclosed on. That means the current 501c3 which is Vatican controlled has been foreclosed on as well. (That’s really what the Pope is saying when he continuously speaks on the Jubilee. He is talking in code). Any business, corporation, non-profit or Nation wanting to do commerce must sign up under the new 501c4 Trust. That’s what the new BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and AIIB (Asian International Investment Banking) systems are about. All Nations with the exception of the US and Japan have signed up to these systems. A lot of the political figures have signed up for the 501c4 or Melchizedek Trust as they stay silent and not notify the people. Take a look at who was at the meeting regarding the Trust page 17: http://bit.ly/1CSQuyd

    Here is the breakdown of the Trust:

    1. The Main Trust is the 501C4 aka Melchizedek: This trust will be asset backed. Kim Green is the Principle, Dr. Henderson is the Secondary. Everything rolls up to this Trust. All Nations must be signed up with this Trust in order to conduct commerce and be a part of the Jubilee.

    2. Sovereign Civil People Rights Trust: Dr. Henderson is the Principle of this Trust. This Trust will redeem the people.

    3. Rhoda Trust- AKA-Amnesty Trust: Johnny Rhoda is the Principle. This Trust will help people who are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated. Rhoda Trust- AKA-Amnesty Trust: Johnny Rhoda is the Principle. This Trust will help people who are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated. Rhoda is also the Amnesty for businesses and Governments that have been operating illegally under the 501c3.

    4. Bathsheba and Ester Trust: Shelley Bolling is the Principle. This trust will be used to provide restoration to humanity and provide redemption to the people. The purpose is to restore each individual for 50 years of hardship. This trust will also fund humanitarian projects.

    To become a part of the 501C4 Trust and receive the Bathsheba Trust redemption you must sign-up. If you are on the redemption list you may also submit any humanitarian projects that you have currently going or would like to start to the Bathsheba and Ester Trust. Check the website for details: http://www.sovcpr.com. You may also email your redemption list (Name, Address and telephone #) to ShelleyBolling@gmail.com. You may also add additional people to the redemption list as well as pass along the information. JADE HELM 15 AND JESUS IS COMING FOR YOUR 501 (c) 3 VATICAN RELIGIOUS GENOCIDE DEATH CULT TO PUT YOU IN THE CEMETARY; BUT, YOU DON’T BELEIVE ME THOUGH!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQLNMljadyo&feature=youtu.be PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE SPREAD! THIS NEEDS TO GO VIRAL!

  5. This really is the DUMBEST, most asinine argument I’ve ever heard. No one alive has been affected by slavery for better or for worse. There is no “case for reparations”, and any number pulled out of anyone’s you-know-what is ridiculous. Show me someone who claims they’re a “victim” because of what their great great great grandparents suffered from and I’ll show you a loser who needs to take responsibility for his/her own actions.

    • Every ethnicity that has been oppressed by the white man has received some form of reparations except for black people, what are you talking about? We are entitled to something from this country, we helped build it and continue to influence its culture, as well as other cultures around the world. That’s why white people hate us, kuz we flawless.

      • We Puerto Ricans have not received anything but the killing of our natives first by slavery and diseases then by the gun or sword . And when the U. S. A took over they have stripped many of us from our properties and land ownership. For over a hundred years . Promised the Puerto Rican people dreams but delivered broken promises . Sending many to urbanisations and Caserios ( low income housing projects ) and to migrate . Where we were treated like crap and put in slums and low income jobs until some are able to leave that enviorenment and lifestyle . Allowed the flooding of our whole island and slums here all over America with drugs and crime & political corruption . Never gave us the independency that they had promised and to this date . Puerto Ricans are leaving their Island due to lack of jobs , low pay ,crime, or searching for that supposivly American Dream .

      • Out of all the races, The black race here in America has suffered the most with being worked without pay, raped, tortured, killed, maimed, divided from love ones. How in the word can a person open his mouth and mutter the words, “We don’t owe you nothing.” I was a slave as a child at 9 years of age and that was in 1967 my mother had to take me into the cotton field and have me to pick cotton. My brothers had to pick cotton also. So don’t tell me that was right. And you didn’t have slavery. I’m a victim. Sometimes it’s the lack of dopamine in the brain of many evil beings that make them behave the way they do. Which makes them not care or have a hardened heart. And for the women bashing the black men. If your man is bad leave him don’t put up with him. Just let him move on with someone who can tame him or put up with his mess. I want blame the black man for every household hardship or shortcomings. We have wonderful black men and women in this country. We are just trying to survive in the land of hatred.

        • It would be an absolute lie to say black people have not suffered greatly——worked… and when they did earn, many had it stolen from them under color of law. Its still being stolen only now race doesn’t matter–all races are being stolen from. Proof: Is not a man’s labor his property? Is not his labor ALL his property? [If it wasn’t all his property, then for the portion that wasn’t, he’d be a slave-for…correct?] Now when a man trades his labor property for something of value, is that not his property too? All of it? And if it isn’t…isn’t the portion he’s deprived of, the measure of his slavery and not the fact of his slavery? Back to the subject at hand…The problem with reparations is “Where do you begin in time? and where do you end?” Do you owe the black tribes who had their slaves stolen from them and sold by other tribes to white slave traders? Nah… Do you begin with the people of Europe and early America who had their property stolen under color of law by the Kings? What about even the white people and red people who had things taken from them? What about the Spanish who owned technically large chunks of NA…or did they really own it or was it confiscated from the natives who are really owed? But are the natives really owed for many warred and stole it from other natives?

  6. So… Would it actually be owed by black people, to black people? A little research into the first slave owner in America would flip this all kinds of ways

    • One person said this to another white person and now they are passing this on and on. Put up proof of black owners. But I am sure it wasn’t whipping and slavery. It probably was a unity for strive. To make the black race upgrade or progress.

    • They received reparations, and still being compensated to this day, oh and only the legal owners of all casinos

    • You haven’t heard that the Indian people will be getting millions of dollars. You don’t know that they won their settlement.

  7. See this true break through of GLOBALIZATION in the real from of religion, economic, and society. We are doomed by the fiddle argument of the contrast. If people refuse to see that you are BEING plotted out. Across the WORLD you see the mistreatment of BLACK people and ain’t shit being done…..

  8. How about we take care of America’s original sin and what they did and continue to do to the Native American Indians first! No one wants to talk about that or the money still owed to them. President Clinton when assembling leaders from all races to discuss affirmative action did not include anyone from Native American decent. It was only after someone from the tribal leaders and the media threatened to go public that he at the last minute included someone. Let’s deal with that also. Let’s discuss how people from Europe were brought over to be slaves before the African Americans with the promise of having their own land after they worked for a certain number of years and those were never fulfilled. They were forced to stay and work as slaves. It was only when the word reached Europe about the scam that slaves were brought from elsewhere. No one teaches us all that in school. Americas dirty little secrets.

    • I don’t know everything. But the things I don’t know I will only belief it when there is proof behind every comment. It never fell time and time again the racist people reverse the script and say the black folks is at fault.

  9. I am one of those men you speak of who abandoned his responsability, but there were reasons why, the way the system was back then, i was afforded to be cursed with a drug problem as well as drinking, also im a VietnamVeteran, and the country that i fought for is now taking care of me, i have no more excuses, i take care of him and try to be in his life, as much as possiable, he nw has a doctorate, and has a family and still loves his father, i have a story that would shock the world

  10. I say we just draw up a way to pay ourselves the money we want from our reparations in a plan thats shows that we plan on doing something other than buying ciggarettes liquor stores n chicken with the funds like a buisness proposal even if you plan on using it to put your kids through school whatever something productive not strip clubs or that mess we have plenty

  11. We’ve got all the acreage plots and mules set up and ready for all of you. In Africa. We’ll all chip in for the one-way tickets.

    • So you’re saying all nationalities except Indian people should gather up monies and go back to their ancestors origins. Is this what you’re saying? The white people don’t own this land. Why do you fool yourself. Black people have just as much rights to this country like you and everyone else.

  12. All You mother fuckers should thank us if not your asses would still be in Africa your welcome pay back enough

    • Thank you for being evil to the Blacks. What normal human being would thank the one who hurt, killed, lied, torture, rape and ample more evil things done to them. Who would thank that character. They’ll thank the good white people

  13. All of you mother fuckers would still be in Africa if it wasn’t for us white people your welcome pay back enough get the fuck over it, it happened before any of you wine asses lazy asses wanting something for nothing ass were even thought of you should be happy we didn’t leave you fucks over there

    • Melvin, learn your history before you make dumb ass statements like this one, start with the Moors in Spain, Egypt is too easy!

  14. You guys are all but jobs. Who cares what you people think they’re owed, you won’t ever get a dime why? Because you’re criminals who wouldn’t do anything but drink, smoke, make it rain and buy unnecessary things to make yourself feel better. Its not all black people, but it is the majority in this country. Change and maybe then will we see you in a different light. Keep wearing your pants below your asses, carrying unlawful weapons, or talking shit to cops and well we already know what will happen.

    • You mean the descendants of the slaves. Fuck you all whites do is drink beer rape and molest their own kids smoke Marbro’s and crystal meth and then blame us The minorities the blacks the Mexicans and the Muslims for your problems. White people were okay with Muslims until Bush lied on them. I have a question Who started racism who created racial slurs like nigger spick chinks Sand nigger Mudshark and all the other fucked up shit you fucking faggots created. You and your gay ass Roman empire.

      • Got a point there buddy! Fucking faggots and Gay Ass Roman empire…some funny stuff. White people call blacks and mexicans as criminals but all the bigger criminals are white and in politics–white collar crime. The original nigger was short for negro which of course meant black…but I think that only black slaves called each other nigger until it caught on outside the black slaves. But you forgot some insults like …spoon lips, spear-chuckers, coons and of course a later one I heard about middle easterners…dune coons. Aside from crackers and white-mo-fucks, what are some good white people insults?

  15. You say since we wasn’t born doing slavery we dont deserve money thats owed to us and our ancestors but if we was to get any of it that would mean we would be in more control America is rich off of slaves thats why we are minorities givin whats owed to us we would own alot of things and be more powerful but thats what whitey is scared of so thats why we a never see it my advice is black ppl unite and boycott all the liquor stores and gas stations etc then we will see a change i bet you 40 acres and 2mules white ppl a never understand or think nothing’s wrong with all the evil they do or done but that bitch name karma is real every white girl i meet from here on out ima treat like a slave they love a big bkack cock anyway

  16. No one living in America today has ever owned a slave nor have any black Americans living today been slaves. A free ride through life at someone else’s expense is all you’re looking for. No one owes YOU anything.

    • Roy, you’re right to an extent, but when you compound slavery, Jim Crow, Redlining, CoIntelPro, inadequate schooling, systematic under employment, The War on Blacks, I mean The War on Drugs, The New Jim Crow, 72% to 100% wage difference for Blacks compared to whites, then you can fully understand why we bring up reparations like we do. Just look up Jim Crow and CoIntelPro if you feel like reading a little bit.

    • My grandma picked cotton on a plantation where she was born in 1919 and she’s still alive dumb fuck. Racism is still alive. We blacks aren’t racist we are prejudiced against anyone trying to oppress us any color man woman or child.

    • The majority of whites get the free ride, privileges, This is so redundant the statement blacks want free rides. Before you claim only blacks get welfare check or something like that , you repeat it over and over.out the numbers that have been scrunched you’ll see the majority of welfare recipients. Please.

  17. I don’t understand at all.. How do blacks need money from the theives that stole from the American Indians? How do you pay kidnapped workers money from a profit gained from the only known successful genocide in human history?
    We need to reincarnate all the dead American Indian babies and give them back their land before dividing up stolen riches for the labored prisoners of war.

  18. The melanated people will never get any reparations if we continue to identify ourselves as black and African American. Those are not nationalities. Black is an adjective not a noun. Black can not be a nationality because there is no nation on this earth called black. The melanated can’t be identified as African American because the United States is one Nation and Africa is comprised of many nations. We must identify ourselves first. We have been brain washed to accept these labels. The melanated don’t need to go back to Africa/Kemet. The melanated have been crossing oceans for thousands of years to the North American continent for thousands of years way before the troglodytes, neandrathals thought the world was flat. The melanated had advanced knowledge of math and science to know that wasn’t the case. After the melanated created the troglodytes they taught them everything they knew to get the troglodytes out of their barbaric state of mind. The curse of the troglodytes creation is the reason for the destruction of the troglodytes today. The pope knows the melanated created the pale skin people of today. They have burned much of the knowledge of books but still keep many original text of the richly melanated people. By birth rite we are Moors, that was our last legal standing before our empire fell.

  19. All melanated people didn’t arrive here on a slave ship. Many of us were already here. The red skin Indian that we fasley accept as the indigenous people were bought about through the raping and kidnapping of our women and children

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  21. All I’m reading is white people are racist get over it where would you be if we didn’t bring you here free that’s where. Fuck you racist Europeans above the equator. You whites seem proud of what your ancestors did. You are the people who are destroying the world. Us blacks made you Whites rich and what do we get in return. Take your black ass back to Africa if you don’t like it here in white America well fuck you white boy. I’m waiting for the day you all realize what you’ve done to my people Africans and African-Americans the Indians and anyone else you thought to be inferior. You should be hunted down and killed hung from a tree and use you children as alligator bait. I hate you you whites that refus to see the devastation you brought and still bringing today. Since when is the victim the bad guy tell me this, since when is the fucking victim them the bad guy. Only in racist white eyes.

  22. If it wasn’t for The Creator of All some of us wouldn’t have the strength to endow, Satan is so wrong. satan trick the weak minded of the races.

  23. Odd facts first: The 1st slave owner–a black man. He petitioned government for the right to own other black men–and won. A whole large group of black slave owners in the south…shhh! And NY had slave owners.,…shh! And 13 stripes on the American flag represent 13 states that had slaves. Shh! [Here’s another odd question no one asks: Considering that slavery is non existent in civilized society, how long would you have expected it to last WITHOUT a civil war? In reality government “jumped on the OBVIOUS bandwagon”…didn’t it? ]] You are correct that largely–even back to 1776–that it was WHITE people who were envisioned as GOVERNMENT. Black people were deemed too ignorant and stupid. [The ignorance part was correct and no insult intended because frankly they were direct-off-the boat outa Africa…so no way used to so-called civilized government]. But let’s go further and even white NON property owners weren’t envisioned in government. Nor were SLAVES of OTHER Kings…called SUBJECTS. Nor were vagabonds. Nor were indentured servants. And the white people of the Northwest Territory–which was just about all of Michigan, Ohio, etc…were FORCED to pay for the Revolutionary War simply by virtue of being upon a conquered territory. [Yep near slaves by comparison to the free people in the states.] What does all this reveal? WANT THE TRUTH? No government wants its subservient citizens to be actually free–throughout history one group has always tried to enslave the next. Look up a CITIZEN and realize a CITIZEN owes allegiance–there’s your slave. And realize everything government tells you…Everything is done FOR ANOTHER REASON. Let’s take the popular myth that the north freed the south because it thought so highly of those _iggers. [Used for effect and not insult]. So you mean to tell me that lilly white wiggers tossed their son’s into that war for a black man…who by government’s own admission was considered about as worthless as a dog? Geees…they gave the redman at least a treaty before they cleaned out his women and children in slaughter and then awarded the soldier’s with medals…but that same government decided the black man was worthy…huh??? . If you think so-called noble people like Abe Lincoln really freed the slaves, YOU’RE SMOKING SOMETHING. All government did was a really a SLICK ploy on the ROMAN GOVERNMENT CITIZEN concept–it simply EQUALIZED ALL THE SLAVES. No white or black or red or yellow slave is more equal than the others–all will slave away and pay government 35% of your paycheck. Slick eh? It insures one slave will turn on another IF one “gets a little ahead”…and they’ll even turn-in-the-other.

    How can you tell you’re still enslaved? Big SHHH!!!! You apologize for the atrocities of your master. Still! “My masta’ will right the wrongs of you evil ______. Just you wait and see. We’ll vote and get the power soon…just you wait and see. My masta is’s a gud masta…he only be takin 35% before’s I’s see;’s it…but he’s be’s gud to me.”

    Why? Comparison was removed …and replaced with no real comparison disguised as choice.

    Why? Because you have the mentality of a slave and know of nothing else but the masta’….

    • You’re dead wrong about the first slave thing, its BS cooked up to try to make slavery seem like it wasn’t that bad of thing for blacks!
      And I don’t know if you’re black or white, but stop trying to act like you dont use the word nigger!

  24. If indeed there are any companies or corporations in existence now who can be traced back to the era of slavery, aka who profited from the slavery, i would think that would be a nice place to start making amends

  25. Everyone will have their own take on Reparation.

    Here in America, I agree after Emancipation there are countless cases of injustices supported by this Government “Jim Crow Laws,” to me that is Restitution.

    In the Eyes of Reason, Reparations, for THEM it would mean admitting and accepting responsibility and the liabilities; that is not going to happen.

    What I expect is to be treated justly under the laws and granted the same opportunities that governs all citizens of the United States.

    Compensation for Our exploitation by American businesses is another issue of Reparation. To me that would mean: scholarships, training, grants, job opportunities, promotions, partnerships, health insurances, etc., from these corporations, foundations, trust and their heirs.

    As for ancestral lands, We as descendants of slavery should be looking to West Africa from whence We’re indigenous. Those nations owe Us a lot more than just Reparation, they owe Us Repatriation for trading Us in to Bondage.

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  27. Pingback: $59.624 Trillion (What Black People are Owed for Reparations for $5 Billion, Alex) | BW Writes | tania j siyam

  28. I never owned ,stoleone or soldone of dem slaves, I dont wanna hear the black jibberish, u negros need to Move On damn have a chitlan instead of da Snickers

  29. You need to do a little more research it was 400,000 acres propose to be given to all the blacks in 1865 it was 40 acres per family not per person and you can even read the exact location hey coastal chunk of Florida Georgia and South Carolina it came to about 11 acres per person and they didn’t do it because it would’ve been horrible I would’ve met a lot of people having to move away from Alabama Tennessee North Carolina and all other states where they lived and be relocated to essentially a reservation where no whites were allowed ask the Cherokee nation how that worked out in Oklahoma total poverty

    • If you actually read what I posted, you’d realize that the 40 acres per person only came out to $400 and something billion dollars, the bulk of the money came from the free labor aspect of slavery!

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  31. Tell you what. Go to Africa, find the descendants of the people who sold the slaves to the Europeans and Arabs in the first place. Make them pay back what they got in return for selling out their own kind and then use that to pay reparations.

    • So you agree that we should be paid something by someone, If the sellers have to pay then the buyers have to pay also, so I’m cool with getting more from them, thanks buddy!

  32. I agree with the math almost everything else you said…. Until you started in with the racism shit. I understand that’s your opinion, but don’t forgot humans are easily susceptible to confirmative bias. I’m a black woman, so I know how easy it is to blame the ‘white’ man. The European imperialistic elites are to blame, they just happened to be white. Most of them didn’t think they were better cause they were born white, they thought they were better because they were born rich. Those who are born rich think poverty only affects those with moral deficiencies. Slaves being the lowest paid humans in history are naturally poor so as time went on the upper class made the connection that if all black people are poor, and poor people are incapable of morality…… You see where I’m going with this???

    • Im confused here, are you saying that racism had nothing to do with slavery, Black or not, you’re dead wrong if thats the case. Slavery is the legacy of racist “white” men, rich and poor. How many European imperialistic non-white men were there throughout the history of slavery? You’ve been reading too many revisionist slave history books to even suggest that racist “white” men and European imperialist aren’t one in the same!

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