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All Women Are Crazy!!! was inspired by the need to let women know the reality behind what we really think about some of the things that they say and do. Men have talked about these things for years in barbershops, bars and pretty much any place a conversation about women come up, but for the most part we keep it to ourselves, until now. This book isn’t meant to be a critical look into how women think, but is meant to put a humorous slant on what most people will understand as common knowledge.

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Pawn Queen was written to start a healthy debate between Black women and men about our future as a people. We have been through every conceivable problem and have weathered the storm. What we see now in front of us is a continued attack on the relationships between the Black man, woman, and child that is ultimately threatening the Black family. If this attack came from an outside enemy surely we would band together and strike it down just as we have done many times before. But because this new attack is coming from within our forces are divided and it’s along the lines of gender this time. Black women are divided amongst Black women and Black men are divided amongst Black men plus we have now begun to fight each other also. We are waging a war that will have a long lasting impact on who we are and what we can become as a people in this nation.  We have reached the long awaited days of being our own worst enemies. There is no lower ground to walk on, we have hit rock bottom and the only place to go from here is up. The healing has to begin now or we will be forever lost to the never ending bombardment from outside stimuli that seek to see the Black Family become mental slaves to the powers that be and become no more. We don’t need to fight anyone except for ourselves, our way of thinking must die or we will continue to die physically from it. I am willing to stand and fight the good fight if you are willing to stand with me.

We Have To Change The Way We Think To Change Who We Are To Become!

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Philosophical Street Chronic Coming Soon


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